Finding the Perfect Surfing Spot in the Pacific Islands

The Pacific Islands are a dream destination, and they are on almost everyone’s bucket list. These islands are bound to mesmerize everyone with all they have to offer. If you belong to the surfing community, then you must try out the Pacific Islands. So, get your surfing travel bags ready, and let us guide you to the perfect surfing spot in the Pacific Islands.

Best Season To Visit

If you are planning to go surfing, then it is advisable to consider the weather during the time of your visit. The months of November to March are favorable for surfing as there is a huge swell in the South Pacific Ocean then. Huge swells mean that the waves would go higher and you can surf longer at a stretch.

Best Spots To Surf

pacific island surf spotsWe have divided the Pacific Islands into two categories so that you can choose your preferred destination with much more ease. These two categories are the South Pacific Islands and the East Asia Islands.

1. South Pacific Islands

First, we will take into account all the surfing spots popular in the South Pacific Islands. This area is famously known as “The Pacific Ring of Fire,” because of the tons of volcanic eruptions that occur here. This is something you should keep in mind before starting on your adventure.

Most of the islands have tons of reef breaks, and the swells experienced by each of them are incredible. This makes most of the South Pacific islands extremely suitable for surfing. However, if we try to list out all the spots in this area, we’ll be here all day. Therefore, we will only be covering some of the most popular ones in this article.

A. Fiji

If you want to have a great surfing experience, make sure to visit Fiji during the summer season, in the months of November-April. Fiji has tons of incredible surfing spots, each made for different types of surfers.

Cloudbreak- This is one of the most famous spots in Fiji. Advanced world-class surfers come here to test out their skills. It is also known for its most consistent wave all across Fiji. The tide and swell make it fun for all types of surfers. However, if you are just a novice, it is usually advised not to go for the high waves in Cloudbreak, as they are very unpredictable.

Restaurant- This spot is very similar to Cloudbreak. However, the only difference is that this one is far less crowded. Cloudbreak is quite populous as it is famous.

Restaurant has a similar wave pattern and quality of high swells and tides. In summer, however, you might not find this place that enjoyable due to its location.

B. Tonga

The Kingdom of Tonga is a fantastic place for surfing. The swells are present throughout the year. In summer, you will find the swells in the Northern area, whereas in winter, you will find them in the Southern area. As the waves are a little too high and could be slightly predictable, novice surfers should avoid this location.

On the Northwest coastline, there are spots like Kamikaze and Fishtrap on the Ha’atafu Beach, which is filled with plenty of surfing spots.

C. Western Samoa

There are two island groups in Western Samoa where you can go surfing. One of the popular ones is Upolu Island. Another one is Savai’i, which is less crowded.

Upolu Island has some well-known surfing spots like Boulders, which is famous among expert surfers. There are other spots like Coconuts and Wackas, as well.

Savai’i Island is less populated. Not only this, to reach the surfing spot, you only have to paddle to the inner sea, whereas on Upolu Island, one has to take the boat. There are few decent spots in the Savai’i, like Aganoa, Pastor, and Tiavea.

2. East Asia Islands

East Asia also has its share of impressive surfing locations. Each place provides a different type of area in different seasons. We will look into the most popular ones.

A. Indonesia

If you have been in the surfing community, even briefly, then you must know how popular Indonesia is. It is considered the surfing capital in Asia. The best season to visit Indonesia for surfing is the dry season, from April to October, because this is when you will find ideal surfing conditions.

Indonesia provides tons of surfing spots, and below, we will look into the most famous ones:

Bali- Bali is a very common holiday destination. The beaches are the main attraction here. One of the best things about Bali is that you need not worry about the season. You can surf here any day of the year with amazing waves and swells.

There are tons of beaches perfect for surfing in Bali. However, some of the best ones are Uluwatu and Canggu.

The Mentawai Islands- This surfing beach is more popular among intermediate and expert surfers. The prime time to visit Mentawai is in the dry season, which is from March-October. However, the best waves usually hit during June and September.

Some of the famous surfing spots in the Mentawai Islands are E-bay, Pitstops, Bankvaults, etc.

Sumatra- Sumatra is a very pleasant location for surfing. The beaches are not as densely populated as the ones in Bali. It is cheaper than the other surfing beaches in Indonesia, and the temperature is comparatively good. The best season to surf is the dry season from March to November. However, you can surf here all year round, too.

The best spots to surf in Sumatra are Lagundri Bay, Asu and Bawa.

Western Java- Java is one of the most populous islands in the world. Therefore, you might find a huge crowd while going to surf here. Comparatively, Western Java is a bit less populated than the other spots. From April to October, the dry season prevails over the place. Hence, it is an amazing time to go surfing.

Some of the spots you can check out there are One Palm Point, Apocalypse, and Napalms.

B. Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea falls in the list of top 10 beaches of the world! It is exotic and very beautiful. The surfing community in this place is delightful. You will get ideal weather conditions throughout the year for surfing. Some of the well-known surfing spots are BBS, Slipperies, and Rubio.

Nusa Island Retreat is very famous in this place. They are well-known for the accommodation they provide, and also the surfing area near this resort is remarkable.

C. Philippines

The Philippines has been recently considered as a surfing spot when great waves started to hit the shore. Most of the time, the waves are quite flat. Therefore, the best time to visit is from September to May. During these months, you will find a lot of great waves.

Some of the famous spots are:

Siargao- This is the place where the Philippines started to gain fame for their surfing spots. The Cloud 9 waves which hit the shore are very famous. People flock here in the season to enjoy surfing. However, if you are a novice, the Cloud 9 waves can be a bit too much to take on.

Baler- Another famous surfing spot in the Philippines. Many movies have been shot in this place, which made it more known. During the season, you might find it completely packed with tourists chilling on the beach or enjoying surfing. This is a wonderful place overall.

D. Japan

Finally, on the list, we have Japan. This place is famous for several things- its aesthetic value and culture are some of the things that attract a tourist to Japan. However, Japan also draws the surfing community. Tons of surfing spots over here will interest you.

Let us have a look at some of the best ones:

Kanto Area- The Kanto area near Tokyo provides an amazing surfing beach. You can go to beaches like those of Kamakura, Shizuoka, and Shirahama. Shirahama is on the rural side, and hence you might find the beach quite empty. The best time to visit for surfing is around August to October.

Shikoku- This is considered to be one of the best surfing locations in Japan. You will find ideal weather conditions throughout the year for surfing, and the commute is accessible, too. Therefore, if you want to have a great time surfing in Japan, it is advisable to visit Shikoku.

Okinawa & the Islands- This is a tropical island chain in Japan where visitors primarily come to surf. The weather conditions are perfect all round the year for surfing. However, you have to beware as sometimes the tropical storm hits the shore. Therefore, check the weather forecast before going surfing.

Happy Surfing!

We hope you can now easily plan an exotic holiday to the Pacific Islands with your near and dear ones, or even your surfing group. It is one of the most exotic and beautiful places, where people of any age and community can visit anytime. Make sure to check the weather forecast and take necessary precautions before you head out surfing!