Best Surfboard Travel Bags 2023: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Surfing is one of the most adventurous sporting activities in the world and you can hardly find any other activity as exciting and sensational as surfing. Perfect surfing requires two important things; skill and kits. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned expert, you will need the right board and accessories to play with the waves.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to get a surfing-friendly beach in the backyard. You may have to travel miles to reach the surfing area and a quality surfboard travel bag may help you a lot in your journey.

Surfboard Travel Bags protect your board from day to day use and surf travel. Make sure you have a secure Surf Travel Bag for your surf trips that will safely transport all your boards.

If you are looking for a solution to protect your favourite surfboard from wear and tear and other external threats, you must check out our list. Go through the post and learn everything you need to know before buying the best surfboard travel bag.

There are many different features, materials, and brands it can be overwhelming sifting through pages of bag specs. We have reviewed the best of the best surfboard travel bags that we believe will be able to cover any surfer’s needs and budget.

The Best Surfboard Travel Bags

1. Pro-Lite Finless – Surfboard Travel Bag

Pro-Lite Finless Best Surfboard Travel Bags

Do you love surfing? It’s great entertainment for surfers and many people look out for surfboard travel bags so that they won’t get deprived of the fun.

Nowadays people can find travelling surfer bags that have been specially designed to carry surfboards while travelling. New Finless Coffin Surfboard Travel Bag from Pro-Lite allows travellers can carry up to 2 or 3 surfboards at a time.

The bag comes with 25” wide with 5” gusset that allows people to carry extra volumes. The bags offer optimum protection with 10mm foam protection and it has multiple interior storages so that one can carry essential items.

The bag includes seat belt straps, internal divider, 600 Denier on top, four exterior compression straps and it comes with identification badge on the side.

The bag has air vents which will allow airflow and the adjustable deluxe shoulder strap with Velcro closure make it ideal for the travellers.


The surfer bag comes with moulded non-corrosion zippers and custom Pro-Lite print panels. Manufacturers have made a trifold design to give you the highest convenience while storing it. The investment will be a good decision for those, who are searching for a surfer bag under $300.


No other colour is available for this product.

2. Abahub – Surfboard Travel Bag


Abahub has always prioritized the need of the surfers and new Premium Surfboard Travel Bag From Abahub aims to meet all the requirements of the surfers.

Manufacturers have used premium quality materials like 600D fabric reinforcement with 190g/m2 water-resistant PE shell, big tooth YKK #10 nickel-plated zippers, 1/5″ (5mm) foam padding core and 130g/m2 PE lining.

The top quality surfboard travel bag is available for a wide range of board sizes making it a perfect choice for the buyers. Tail and nose protection is important for the surfers and it is made of 600D nylon along with air vents for heat protection.

Besides, offering optimum quality, the attractive design with ergonomic rubber handle, strap buckle, double stitching and the adjustable shoulder strap makes it an ideal deal for the travellers and you can take a look before making a decision.


The travel bag comes with external pockets with a zipper where you can store important stuff while travelling. The flexible tail section allows people to store various items and it won’t be uncomfortable. The bag is made to suit the requirements for a wide range of board sizes.


You won’t find bigger sizes of bags more than 6’1 x 23’.

3. Surfboard Travel Bag

Curve Supermodel

Many travellers lookout for lightweight protection for their surfboard and new Surfboard Bag from Curve features excellent quality and design together. The bag features super durable extra long big tooth and extra-long padded adjustable shoulder strap for highest convenience.

Manufacturers have made it with Delrin anti-corrosion slider so that it lasts longer. You will get FINSLOT with velcro closure in each bag and the POCKET STASH will allow users to store essential items in it. one can carry the longboards up to 24”.

Many buyers complain about features but this bag comprises all the required features in the bag that makes it a good choice for buyers, who are about to invest in surfboard traveller bags.


Curve has focused on the quality to offer the highest convenience and it bag comes with a super durable extra long tooth, large padded adjustable shoulder strap, anti-corrosion slider, a reflective slider on both sides. Buyers will find surfer bags for a wide range of surfboard sizes. Surfboard Bag from Curve offers 1-year warranty and buyers will get a free replacement in case they experience any problem.


No other colour is available for this bag.

4. Ho Stevie! – Surfboard Travel Bag

Ho Stevie!

Direct exposure to sunlight often damages the surfboards and hence people look out for surfboard bags to prevent the damages. New Canvas Surfboard Bag Cover from Ho Stevie aims to offer optimum protection to your surfboard.

The bag comes with a durable canvas making it an ideal choice for the buyers. There are different sizes available and one can choose the size as per personal requirements. Ho Stevie has always prioritized the need of the customers and the bag will offer 100% satisfaction to the users.


The surfboard bag will help you protect the surfboard from direct sunlight. The bag is made of premium quality materials and it is cheap at the same time. It will offer 100% customer satisfaction.


Buyers must choose from three available colours.

5. Pro-Lite Smuggler Series – Surfboard Travel Bag

Pro-Lite Smuggler Series

Surfers tend to carry multiple surfboards at a time and new Smuggler Series Surfboard Travel Bag from Pro-Lite allows users to carry up to 2/3 surfboards easily. The 24” wide bag has a false bottom and people will only notice 2 surfboards at a time.

Manufacturers have ensured good quality with 600 Denier Poly on both top and bottom along with non-corrosive zippers to prevent corrosion.

Many surfboard bags lack external pockets that are important for carrying the wetsuit but Smuggler Series Surfboard Travel Bag has a large exterior where you can store necessary items. Suppose, you are about to purchase the best surfboard travel bag you should not miss this product.


The surfboard bag features an attractive look along with superb built quality. It comes with a false bottom that allows users to carry up to 3 surfboards at a time. Smuggler series bags include inner storage pocket, reinforced nose, padded shoulder strap, rubber handle, rail guard around the zipper, external pocket and air vent to ensure seamless airflow.


6. Dorsal – Surfboard Travel Bag


Carrying the surfboard on your trip gives you the highest freedom to enjoy the vacation, however, lack of surfboard travel bag can damage the surfboard in many ways. Dorsal’s longboard surfboard bag features thermo-flow technology and investment can help prevent unwanted damages easily.

Dorsal has included 600D Polyester Reinforced Nose Cone Heavy Duty YKK#10 along with Corrosion Resistant Plastic Zipper and bag also comprises multiple internal pockets so that surfers can store accessories in it.

Buyers won’t have to worry about quality since they will get Padded Shoulder Strap, Neoprene Padded Handle, Internal Wax Pocket, Storage Hook and Heat Reflective External Material. Besides, it features UV resistant internal Lining and vent option wax to offer optimum protection.


The bag is made of high-quality material making it ideal for travellers. Buyers will get Padded Shoulder Strap, Neoprene Padded Handle, Internal Wax Pocket, Storage Hook and Heat Reflective External Material along with UV resistant internal Lining and vent option wax. Corrosion-resistant plastic zipper will help protect the surfboard like never before.


No other colour is available.

7. Pro-Lite Rhino

Pro-Lite Rhino

Surfing with a partner often enhances the fun of the game and some people prefer surfing in a group. It can be troublesome to carry multiple surfboards without surfboard travel bag and new Rhino travel bag is designed to carry multiple surfboards at a time.

Pro-Lite Rhino surfboard travel bag offers optimum protection with 10mm foam protection and the quality construction makes it ideal for travelling. Pro-Lite Rhino surfboard travel bag comes with moulded #10 PK non-corrosive zippers and users can carry up to two surfboards at a time.

The bottom and top of the bag are designed with 600 Denier Poly and top zip flip-top opening will provide the highest convenience to the users. You don’t have to think about weight because the shoulder strap is padded and it won’t be too heavy for the users.


Users can carry up to two surfboards at a time. The bag features large exterior accessory/ wetsuit pocket and collapsible gusset with velcro closure. The bottom and top of the bag have been designed with 600 Denier Poly.


No other colours are available for this bag.

8. Pro-Lite


Suppose you are planning for a group surfing trip and looking for the best surfboard travel bag to enjoy surfing at its best. New Wheeled Coffin Surfboard Travel Bag from Pro-Lite is designed to give you highest convenience during travel.

The bag is ideal for carrying 2-4 shortboards and the wide cut design with a 25″ wide and 10″ gusset allows users to carry extra internal volume while travelling.

The bag features excellent built quality with 10mm foam protection and it comprises 2mm board packer bag, internal dividers, four exterior compression straps, seat belts straps along with high quality 600 Denier poly on the bottom and top.

It carries the identification badge and multiple storage pockets make it a perfect choice for travelling surfers. The bag features air vents to allow airflow and you don’t have to think about damages anymore.

The Pro-Lite bag comes with an adjustable deluxe shoulder strap with Velcro closure system and if you are looking for the best surfboard travel bag, you should not miss this product.


The bag is specially designed to carry multiple surfboards. Users can carry up to 2-4 surfboards at a time and it also features excellent built quality at the same time. The bag has internal dividers, four exterior compression straps, seat belts straps along with high quality 600 Denier poly on the bottom and top.


The bag is available in four different sizes.

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How to choose a surfboard travel bag

Surboard Travel Bag

If you love your surfboard and want to extend its durability, prefer buying the best surfboard travel bag. In many cases, professional surfers damage their plank during transportation and only a quality bag can help to get rid of such unwanted incidents.

Surfboard bag comes with several features that will help you to carry and manage the board more easily.

Buying a surfboard bag, however, can be a confusing and daunting task if you are doing it for the first time. Since plenty of brands and models are out there to choose from, you need to come with better strategies to deal with.

We are here to help you to choose the best product from an online or physical store. Have a look at the factors you need to take care of when buying the best surfboard bag.

1. Bag Type

Before you invest in a surfboard bag, you need to confirm the purpose of buying the product. You may get two types of bags in the market; the day surfboard bag and travel surfboard bag type. Both types of bag come with some unique features and you must learn about them before making any decision.

The day bags are lightweight and made for individual boards. Waterproof or semi-waterproof day type surfboards are available there to choose from. They are quite handy for everyday use and you can use them for short-distance travel.

They are, however, not as much strength as travel type surfboard bags. It is often used when you need to store and protect from overheating your surfboard.

Travel surfboard bags, on the other hand, are made for the users who travel frequently with their boards. They are spacious and they can store 2-3 boards together. You can get sufficient foam protection and padding thickness.

In some products, you will get corrosion resistant zipper, wax pocket, carry straps and many things that can altogether make your experience quite satisfactory. Though the best surfboard travel bag is costlier than day bags you will get plenty of additional features with them.

2. Bag Size

This is one of the key factors to look at when buying a surfboard bag. The size of a surfboard can vary from one to another and you have to keep it in mind. If your board measures 6’0’’, you have to buy a bag accordingly.

The length and width of the bag should be suitable for your board. We suggest the buyers measure the surfboard before picking the product. Choose a bag that is a bit longer than you board. This makes sure that your board will fit properly.

3. Capacity

The capacity of the board bag will confirm how many boards the bag will carry for you. If you have more than one surfboard, prefer a double or triple size bag. Surfers who travel long distances frequently can remove the fins for safety.

A block of polystyrene can protect the fins when in transit. Some triple bags come with wheels installed at the end and you can prefer them to make the transport convenient.

4. Features

Quality surfboard bags come with beneficial features and you must look at them before making the final decision. If you are planning to buy the product online, you can browse across the product descriptions to learn about the specs and features.

Material, available space, exterior pockets, fin pockets, zips, straps, belts, designs, colour are some of the features you must look at when buying the right product.

Reputable manufacturers highlight all the features their products come with and this may help you to choose the right brand.

5. Padding

This is one of the most important parts of a surfboard bag and you must pay attention to it. In most cases, an average surfboard travel bag comes with 10mm padding to keep the board safe from travel hazards.

However, you may find the 10mm padding insufficient for the protection and prefer 13-15mm options for better protection. A higher volume padding is considered better than lower ones.

6. Quality Of Zips

A poorquality zip can make your task harder and push you into an awkward situation. Since the zip is one of the most important parts of the surfboard bag, you must pay attention to its quality. Look at the material the zip is made of.

If it is a metal zip, make sure it is coated with nickel or any other anti-corrosive metals. Remember, the saltwater of the sea can easily rust out the metal zip if it is not protected with a coating.

7. Extra Pockets

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, having some additional pockets in your board bag means you get additional benefits. Though the board is the key component for surfing you will need some accessories like a fin puller, additional fins, leash, surf wax, earplugs, hand gloves, watches, camera, etc.

Additional pockets will make it easy to keep all these important stuff with you and the best part is that you will not have to carry an additional bag for them.

These are some of the key factors you need to look at when buying the best surfboard travel bag. Remember, modern board bags come with plenty of beneficial features and you can choose one of them to make your travel and surfing hassle-free.

You can also search online to check the reviews and ranting of the product for verification. Although the top brands will never let you down you need to confirm you are investing in the right product. Check the features and make sure they are suitable for your activities.

What Is A Surfboard Travel Bag And Why You Need It?

A surfboard travel bag is a piece of accessory designed for surf trips. The bag is specially made to protect the surfboard from wear and tears. While travelling by plane, car, a bicycle or just walking barefoot to your local surf spot, you must always protect your surfboard with a quality surfboard travel bag.

Surfboard bags are made of quality materials that can protect the surfboard and other accessories from various external threats like heat, water, moisture, impact and more. Cracks, holes, and fissures can harm your board.

Surfboard travel bag protects your surfboard from the harmful effects caused by the sun rays and the sun heat.

Such bags are ideal for those who travel across the world to enjoy surfing. The bag can protect the surfboard and accessories even from long our travelling. The bag also acts as a cover for a surfboard and protects the plank from dings and sunlight and improves its durability.

Today manufacturers are offering advance surfboard travel bag which can accommodate a single or multiple surfboards, with individual pockets for fins and FCS keys. Have a look at some key advantages of having a quality surfboard bag.

  • It helps you to carry the surfboard
  • It protects the plank from impact during transit
  • The bag ensures safe storage
  • It protects the plank and coating from heat and UV rays
  • It offers spaces for other accessories

The best surfboard travel bags have foam padding, resistant outer layer, heat reflective tarpaulin, water-resistant materials, and durable zippers and shoulder straps. These are some of the reasons why you need to invest in a quality surfboard travel bag.

If you are planning to buy a surfboard travel bag you will get plenty of options. Such bags come with various designs, colours, styles, and features and you can pick any according to your preferences.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional surfer, a quality surfboard travel bag will be an ideal companion for you.

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Key Features Of A Surfboard Travel Bag

A quality surfboard is the most important thing you will need as a surfer. While planning your next surf trip across the world, having a bag that can endure all those long hours of travelling is key. The price of an average surfboard can range between $200 and $250 but the price can go up to $400 to $500 if you go for high-end ones.

If you are passionate about surfing and love your surfboard, you must have some plans to protect the plank from various threats.

A surfboard travel bag does not only protect surfboards but also make it convenient for the surfers to carry it here and there without any fear of damage. Have a look at some key features of a quality surfboard travel bag and learn more about its usability.

1. Strap And Handle

If you are planning to invest in a surfboard travel bag, you will expect it to help you when travelling. The bag features a strap and a handle that will make it easy for the user to carry it here and there. Some makers included different types of straps in the surfboard bag. You can get exterior compensation straps, seat belt straps, adjustable shoulder straps and more

2. Thick Body

High-quality surfboard travel bags come with approx 10mm foam protection that will protect the plank and other accessories from external impact. The surface of a surfboard bag is quite strong and durable and that they can bear extreme weather conditions as well. The body will not allow heat to melt the wax and prevent damage.

3. Extra Volume

Do not worry if you own multiple surfboards and want to carry them wherever you go to enjoy surfing. Some surfboard travel bag manufacturers provide extra space for multiple surfboards and this can be an added advantage if you own multiple surfboards. The additional internal volume will allow you to carry 2-3 surfboards simultaneously.

4. Fin Pockets And Vents

A single travel bag designed to carry surfboard can feature multiple interior storage facilities like fin pockets that will keep all important parts of your surfboard safe. Like multiple interior storages, vents play an important role, as they allow the air to flow inside and keep the plank cool in summer.

5. Exterior Side Pockets

This is another important feature of a surfboard bag. Though the surfboard itself requires most of the space available inside the bag, you may need some additional pockets to keep some important accessories needed for surfing. You will get several exterior pockets in most of the surfboard bags and this will be an added advantage for you.

Why You Should Use A Surfboard Bag?

Surfboards are not as strong as they look; they are quite fragile and cannot bear impact. Surfboards are expensive stuff and you cannot afford to buy them frequently. Surfboards bags are design to keep the plank safe from sun rays, moisture, water, and impact.

Most of the surfers who do not use surfboards find the plank damaged during or after transit. Your surfboard can get damaged in various ways and a quality surfboard bag can be the right answer for it.

Without proper protection, surfboard get banged up quite hard. To protects your board its essential to buy a high-quality surfboard bag.. Have a look at some of the common reasons that can damage your board.

Nicks When thedog was playing with your leash while your board is attached

  • Dings Knacking your board around the house.
  • Fading Due to sun exposure colour fades.
  • Delamination when left in outside on sunny days.
  • Cracks Tail cracks happen while dropping out of your car
  • Scratches, etc : Scratches due to cats or other pets playing.


1. How to Choose the Right Bag Size?

Each of the surfboard bags comes with a certain measurement and you have to check the width and length of your board before you determine the right size of the bag. If you own a 6’.0” surfboard, you will need a bag measuring more than 6’.0”.

However, as a buyer, you must choose a bag, which is a bit longer than the size of your board, as this will make the handling easy for you. For board socks, you can select the same length size. The material made for sock cover is elastic There are board socks for shortboards, longboards and hybrids.

2. Should I Go for the Cheaper Option?

Some manufacturers produce cheaper surfboard bags and you can prefer them if you have a limited budget. Cheap surfboard bags, however, do not come with all essential features every surfer needs to make their experience satisfactory.

You may not get heat and water-resistant body and heavy-duty zipper with such products. We suggest the buyers conduct market research and check the features and quality of the materials to bring the best surfboard bag home.

3. How To Identify A Heavy-Duty Zipper?

The zipper is one of the most important parts of a surfboard bag and you must pay attention to its quality. Reputable manufacturers always use best quality zippers that are heat and water-resistant. A metal zipper can get damaged by the salty seawater; hence it should be coated with resistant material.

4. Why Fin Pockets Are Important?

Fin pockets in surfboard bags are specially designed to keep the fins of your board safe. Fin pockets are made from quality material and such pockets are the ideal place to put the fins of your board.

Hence, before you make any decision make sure the bag comes with fin pockets. With a fin slot, its easy to fit your board in the bag with the fins on and also zip the surfboard bag closed.

5. Why Should I Buy the Product Online?

Shopping online can be the most profitable option to buy the best surfboard bag. You can browse across thousands of products, read reviews, check ratings and compare prices without going anywhere. Online stores offer flexible payment options and come with convenient return and refund policy.

Buy Best Surfboard Travel Bags With Above Tips For Maximum Convenience

Surfboard travel bags are specially designed to keep your surfboard safe from various external threats. It will not only protect your board from environmental factors like heat and moisture but also keep it safe when in transit.

Most of the surfboards are fragile and they cannot withstand hard impact. High-quality surfboard bags feature foam packs and rails inside. This can be the ultimate protection for your surfboard and you do not have to worry about the damage of your surfboard when travelling here and there.

We have tried to make the process of buying the best surfboard travel bag simple for you by highlighting some of the most important aspects of a board bag and we hope this will help you to bring the best product home.