Best Surfing Wetsuits 2023: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Surfing is one of the most thrilling hobbies anyone would like to have. Anyhow, surfing is also one of the adventurous sports in the world which needs a proper wetsuit to keep yourselves safe.

Whether it is a surfing hobby or professional participation in water sports, we can get you one of the best surfing wetsuits which make your life easier.

Picking the ideal wetsuit for you among best surfing wetsuits also depends upon your requirement. Many factors such as purpose, budget, measurements and other preferences come into picture while selecting.

Also, there needs to be considered about the product reviews on each product to come for a conclusion.

We have segregated the products for you considering most common factors that will be considered in general while buying best surfing wetsuits from different brands. You will also be provided with information about wetsuits along with FAQs and help you reach a solid conclusion.

Top 10 Best Surfing Wetsuits

Please find below the best surfing wetsuits:

1. Surfing wetsuit Hevto Guardian

Hevto Guardian Best Surfing Wetsuit

Hevto Guardian series suits are one of the Best Surfing Wetsuits for beginners in Surfing, Wakeboard, Canoeing, Sailboating and many more water games. If you are getting started with Scuba Diving and Kayaking, then Hevto Guardian wetsuit serves the purpose.

Mainly this Hevto Guardian wetsuit is suitable for Adults and Amateurs, thanks for it’s fabric which is suitable for usage between 50°F and 67°F. As the name suggests, It is truly a protective suit which can protect you from cold water and also friendly to your skin

The 3 mm thick suit made of Neoprene and Nylon elastic fabric Another striking feature is, this suit helps you to float more and help you gain balance while swimming and develop your skills. This Guardian series wetsuits come in all sizes for both Men and Women.

To avoid confusion, it is better to contact the support team to get a clear picture of suitable size as per your measurements.


  • 2 Year Warranty/ Lifetime replacement Guarantee
  • Skin Friendly and Environment Friendly
  • Easy for Beginners and Amateurs to get started


  • Delicate material – May not be suitable for rough usage
  • Difference in sizes – Sizes may vary as the material is delicate

2. Surfing wetsuit O’Neill


If you are looking for a wetsuit for extensive use and also give comfort of wearing it for long times then, O’Neill Men’s Reactor will serve the purpose. Flexible design, soft and premium quality material helps for providing maximum mobility. The combination of Neoprene, Nylon and Spandex materials makes the suit flexible and keeps your body warm.

Back zip helps you wear and exit the suit with ease along with water resistant closure. This suit is one of the best surfing wetsuits that delivers you optimal performance within an affordable price range. Even if you are a beginner, this suit will give you maximum comfort and assists you to get started with water sports.

O’Neill Men’s Reactor suit comes in 5 different colour combinations with different size options. This suit provides extra protection from cold, thanks to the wind-resistant smooth skin.


  • Perfect fit fabric with easiness in body movements
  • Value for money – Premium quality experience at low cost
  • Minimal seepage and keeps you away from water
  • Ultra flexible and soft material gives you maximum comfort


  • Delicate back zipper sometimes may lead to leakages
  • Tight neck – might get uncomfortable

3. Surfing wetsuit ZCCO


ZCCO offers premium wetsuits that give the best experience and comfort. Composed with 90% CR Neoprene, 10% nylon along with Spandex makes the suit smooth and flexible. This eco-friendly wetsuit may turn out into your second skin, only to ensure protection to your body.

3mm thick Neoprene ensures thermal protection by keeping your body warm. Keeping your safety into consideration, ZCCO provides UV protection, Extra padding protection at chest and knees and also Neoprene prevents any kind of damage by creatures.

Durability is the key for any wetsuit and ZCCO suits are specially made suitable to support multi-sport utility. This 3 mm Neoprene suit provides a waterproof effect not allowing a single chance for water to leak through it.


  • Durable suit – The Heavy duty YKK Zipper provides solid closure and open, resistant for any kind of abrasions
  • Unique design – Unique suit design with leather based finishing for neck and cuff, which completely arrests the entry of water
  • Multi-Sport Design – The wetsuit is designed to give you optimal experience for all kinds of watersports.


  • Usually tight – Need to pick bigger size than usual
  • No other color options – available in only black color

4. Surfing wetsuit Front Zip

Seaskin Front Zip

The Seaskin shorty 3mm mens wetsuit is an all-in-one trendy jumpsuit catering all your water sports needs. It’s unique design helps you deep dive while keeping your body warm and comfortable. At the same time, UV protection layers help you stay protected while surfing under the sun for a longer duration.

Highly durable Neoprene gives flexible nature and heat insulation even after using several times. YKK heavy duty front zip eases the entry and exit and thanks to the flatlock stitching that keeps skin irritations away. Along with the Neoprene layer, the outer nylon fabric layer ensures elasticity and durability.

A simple hand wash with cold water could help you in cleaning the suit with slight detergent. Seaskin wetsuits are also available for women in different sizes as per measurement charts.


  • Flexible – The wetsuit allows maximum flexibility due to soft and durable material
  • Warmth – The three layer protection of the diving material ensures to keep you warm
  • Front zipper – Easy to enter and exit the suit through the front zipper


  • Size differences – Sizes vary for each, only suitable for people with bigger midsections
  • Less aesthetic appearance – Tight on the top, loose at the bottom

5. Surfing wetsuit Realon


REALON wetsuits come in all sizes for both men and women across all age groups. REALON Jumpsuits are suitable even for those who are at beginner level or at expert level in diving. Keep your body warm between 45 to 55°F with varied thickness of 2mm, 3mm and 5mm as per your choice.

Quality of the fabric and thickness help to get the warmth needed to the body and keep the dive quality. High quality elastic material enables mobility and performs many underwater activities. There are special sharkskin panels installed at the chest and back areas in the suit for better wind resistance ability.

You will also get extra buoyancy with this REALON suit which adds an extra ability while diving or surfing.


  • Durable – Made of high quality Neoprene CR which gives long-lasting service with minimum maintenance.
  • Better Warmth – Ensures comfort underwater and also safeguards body from getting cold
  • Heavy duty Zipper – Heavy duty zipper makes it easier for entry and exit through the suit without having to struggle


  • Overall suit quality could have been better
  • Temperature control – At times, temperature control becomes a challenge

6. Surfing wetsuit Copozz


COPOZZ Diving Skin is the fashionable one of the best surfing wetsuits available. It is a full body cover diving skin suitable for deep diving and other water sports. Full body cover diving skin is advantageous to protect yourself from Jellyfish, Coral reef or any kind of bruises under the water.

The luxurious Lycra spandex makes the suit very comfortable and provides better ventilation than any other wetsuit known. It is also fashionable enough to wear and at the same time colors of the suit won’t fade away and easy to identify for your partners outside the water.

The special UV protection design, protects your skin from getting sunburned upon spending a long time under the sun. Front zipper is easier to handle and quickly wears the suit on-the-go, the lightweight diving skin makes handling easier.


  • Diving skin available with wide varieties for different types of users across gender and age groups
  • Lightweight – Goes easy on your body due to light weight material and special design
  • Slim fit – Either men or women it has smart design and fits well and also have fashionable in looks


  • Short zipper – Difficult to pull the zipper at times as it feels fragile while using
  • Size measurements variations – May not be suitable for athletic purpose

How to choose a surfing wetsuit

There are many brands that manufacture and supply surfing Wetsuits with different features. But, while selecting the suitable product every other surfing wetsuit looks similar to each other and it will become hard to pick the best one.

Anyhow, there are some vital observations you need to make for yourselves about your own requirements of an ideal wetsuit. ‘

Before going through the exhaustive list of Best Surfing Wetsuits, it is better to consider some of the key factors that decide your choice. If you take the below factors into consideration, then it might not take much time to pick the right one.

1. Measurements

Measurements are the trickiest part while choosing the ideal wetsuit. Each manufacturing company has its own measurement criteria. As wetsuits are designed to stay up close to your skin, any kind of misfit can be uncomfortable.

Ideal way to get a best fit size is, to walk into a surfing shop and try out some suits. This will get a clear picture about your exact fit measurements and those can be kept in mind while you order your suit online. It is always safe to check reviews before considering any option to buy any product.

2. Flexibility

Flexibility is vital for any surfer, as body movements need to be flexible to be able to surf properly. Generally Neoprene suits have the best flexibility and also they keep you warm and comfortable for most of the time.
There are also products that come in mixture with other materials such as nylon and Spandex, which give extra elasticity.

3. Zipper

There are many types of wetsuits available with different styles of zippers. Chest zip suits are generally expensive and tend to keep you warmer. Anyhow, it will be a bit tougher for entry and exit through these kinds of suits. Back zip – Almost all the suits have zip at the back and are more in availability and cheaper.

They are one of the most easier suits to get in and get out, but in few of the suits there is a chance of water leakage through the neck area. There is a buzz that, O’Neill’s are in plans to produce zipless models focused more on performance and one would only know about it’s flexibility once the product is launched

4. Stitching

Although stitching seems to be a very basic factor to consider, in fact stitching plays a vital role in overall comfort of the suit. Overlock stitching is the most common type of stitching we find among almost all the suits. The chance of water leakage is comparatively higher with this kind of stitching.

Flat stitching is another kind of better stitching practice than flatlock and control water leakage. Anyhow, the choice of stitching depends on the purpose of your usage, if you surf in very cold water conditions it might be better to take suits that have minimal leakage issues.

5. Material

It is a straight away choice, Neoprene based suits are the best in the market. There are different layers included with Neoprene that are being used in wetsuits. More than 90% Neoprene along with other fabrics is generally preferred way to look out while buying ideal wetsuits.

6. Durability

Everyone expects durability from the products they buy and in particular when it comes to wetsuits, Durability needs to be considered when you are going surfing for a long time and only quality materials are age-resistant.

Top Reasons To Buy Best Surfing Wetsuits

Considering all the factors for choosing the best surfing wetsuits, these are the top reasons why to to buy them:

  • Skin friendly suits without harming or causing any irritation/itching feeling while wearing it for long term
  • Wetsuits suitable for Multi-sport events such as diving, canoeing, surfing, snorkeling and many sporting events in water
  • Flexible wetsuits – Wetsuits need to be flexible enough for extensive movements in water sports and we got the best collection with the same
  • Neoprene made suits delivers highest performance and it makes one of the strongest reason to buy
  • Wetsuits of highest quality are provided here considering the user reviews and the promise of quality these products provide to you


1. Do We Need To Wear Anything Under A Wetsuit?

A: Generally it is not preferable to wear anything under a wetsuit. No one actually wears clothes under a wetsuit. If you still prefer to wear anything under a wetsuit then, it is better to wear a thinner cloth that might not interfere with the fitting of the suit later when you get wet.

2. How To Wash A Wetsuit?

A: You can wash your wetsuit by simply doing a hand wash with mild usage of detergents. Alternatively you can also use shampoo to clean your wetsuit. It is highly recommended not to leave the wetsuit in open sun for drying, because the sunlight will damage the Neoprene material. Anyhow, you can leave the suit for air drying and never try to put the suit in a dryer.

3. What Is The Use Of A Wetsuit?

A: Wetsuits help you to surf in water without getting your body temperature lose control after diving into the water. At the same time, Wetsuits protect your body from any kind of abrasion during the procedure of diving.

4. How Tight Should A Wetsuit Be?

A: An apt wetsuit will fit tight and snug, which means it should not be too tight and also not too loose. Considerable amount of tightness would help your body stay warm and keep you comfortable. If the suit is too loose, it would lead to suit flushing and will be meaningless to wear such loose suits as well.

5. What Is A Wetsuit Made Of?

A: Wetsuits are generally made of Neoprene, which is the mostly used synthetic rubber. Wetsuits are also made in combination with Neoprene along with Spandex and Nylon in different layers depending upon the manufacturer.

6. Is Wetsuit Washable?

Yes it is hundred percent washable.

7. Do I Need To Iron The Wetsuits?

Firstly fishes or other sea animals don’t bother if your suit is ironed or not. Secondly, it is body fit and lastly the material of your suit will melt when it will come in contact with the hot iron. So no you don’t need to iron these suits.

Best Surfing Wetsuits – Need Best Research Before Buying

Getting loads of information through the internet about Best Surfing wetsuits might bombard your brain with confusion. These days, Not all the top searches lead to the right information and one needs to have a clear picture of the requirement.

In the article above, Best Surfing wetsuits were chosen considering the factors that are most important for choosing an ideal wetsuit. This article tries to throw light on factors that need to be considered to make the best choice to buy a surfing wetsuit.