Best Surf Wax 2023: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Sons and daughters of the ocean cannot help but go surfing whenever they get time, some have made their surfing their favorite hobby or some even profession. If purchasing surf wax has crossed your mind lately, then you have ended up in the right place.

You must know waxing your surfboard is necessary, which safeguards surfboard from any harm. The surf wax also helps you to keep a grip on your surfboard when you are balancing on more massive waves. The wax is easy to use yet very useful.

Many of the waxes have scents that can take you back to your early training days or make new memories. The surf wax needs to be of good quality to provide you with the right level of protection. This buyer’s guide is sure to help you out in getting the best surf wax for your surfboard.

You will be happy to know we have listed down the best brands of surf wax in the market. Furthermore, you will find some essential tips to make an informed decision while purchasing.

The Best Surf Wax

1. Sticky Bumps Warm-Tropical Water

Sticky Bumps Warm-Tropical Water Best Surf Wax

If you have left no stones unturned to find the best surf wax for the warm or the tropical waves, then let us say your search has ended with this brand. In this pack, you get six wax. Each of these wax weighs 80 gms.

This quantity is enough to last long enough. This wax is known to be the best for temperature above 69 degrees. It will assure you that you can use this wax in both warm and tropical glasses of water.

Several buyers have hailed this brand as one of the best surf waxes that are available on the market. Many of the professional surfers have posted great reviews to this product. You can check them out to read all of the best ratings on Amazon. Only new manufactured wax get dispatched from put an order. If you are looking for a wax bar that is under 15 dollars, this is the one.


  • It is best for warm and tropical water.
  • Pack of six.


  • It can be a bit pricey for some buyers.

2. Sticky Bumps Cool

Sticky Bumps Cool

If you are looking for the best wax under 7 dollars, then this surf wax will be an excellent option for you. This wax pack comes in a box of two. Mainly, this wax has a great scent that is sure to give a refreshing feel on the waves.

All of these products are tested and designed to provide you with the right benefits. If you are looking for wax for cold temperatures, then this can be the right pick for you.

This wax is rated five stars on Amazon and has got great reviews from professional surfers all over the world. You can rely upon this wax for your surfing sessions.


  • It is best known for cooling temperature.
  • Pack of two.


  • The smell can be monotonous for you.

3. Sticky Bumps Base Coat

Sticky Bumps Base Coat

Sometimes, it is hard to decide what could be the best product while you are looking for the best basecoat wax for your surfboard. This brand will not let you down if you give it a try. This basecoat wax consists of every ingredient.

You will surely not need any kind of temperature specification for this one, as this one here is a basecoat. This product comes in a pack of three, which is not at all a bad to buy under 8 dollars. So, when you get such a reasonable price, it is sure to provide you with the right amount of traction.

To the fact that it features three different packs, you will not regret buying this one. The product has won over many hearts with great reviews from its customers. You can even check out it’s rating on Amazon. This brand has got top ratings on the site.


  • Available in a pack of three.
  • It goes well in water temperature.


  • No specified smell.

4. Sticky Bumps Tropical

Sticky Bumps Tropical

If you are trying to look for the best surf wax for the tropical water temperature that you surf on, then this can be the right choice for you. You can get this wax that will provide you with the proper bump and traction on the waves.

The wax has got some fantastic reviews from those who have used it. It is known to be one of the best for tropical waters. It is brought to you just fresh from the factory. It has some of the most amazing smell that is sure to give you the right vibes on the waves.

It is available under 13 dollars. The best part about this sticky bump is that it is available in the pack of six-under such reasonable price. You can use this wax under 75 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Best for tropical waters.
  • Great quantity.


  • None to be found.

5. Sticky Bumps Cold

Sticky Bumps Cold

If you are looking for the right bumps from the fresh or cold wax for your surfboard, then this can be the right choice. This product is hailed as non-toxic surf wax available in the market.

The wax is made up of all kinds of natural ingredients, and if you want surf wax that is adaptable for any environment, then this is the right product for you. The product is available in a pack of 3. It is a biodegradable product; thus, you do not have to worry if some of the wax gets dissolved in the seawater.

This surf wax is best for those who are looking to surf on the water temperatures rating below 68 degrees Fahrenheit. The best part is you can buy this product under 8 dollars.


  • You get a pack of three.
  • Affordable price.


  • No specified smell mentioned.

6. Sticky Bumps Warm

Sticky Bumps Warm

Are you tired in your search for the best surf wax that is preferable and does well under the warm and tropical water temperature? Well, then Sticky Bumps Warm will fit the aspect you want in a surf wax.

This brand is known to have the best effects on the surfboards on the temperate and tropical climate. It comes in the pack of three, which is an excellent value for money deal. The measurements of the product are 15 inches in height, length 20 inches, and width 15 inches.

There is no way that this can be over-priced for you because you can buy this product under 7 dollars, do not waste another minute and buy it today. This brand has won the hearts of many buyers.

You can read some of the best reviews from many of the customers. You will be amazed by the fantastic ratings this product has got on Amazon.


  • Great quantity.
  • Lowest prices.


  • No color variants.

7. Mr. Zogs Original

Mr. Zogs Original

If you are looking for some other brand than all the mentioned above, the one that has the best wax effects on your surfboard, then you can go for this one. This product is best for those who want to have the right traction on the surfboard while riding the waves.

This wax is available in an out of the box round shape. One of the best features of this wax is that it can either be applied as a topcoat or a base coat. You will get it in a single pack of wax, but the best part is you can use this wax for drums and hockey.

Word of mouth always comes in handy, so check some of the great reviews posted by the customer. You can buy it for just 6 dollars. Nothing gets better than this when high ratings on the Amazon app encourage your purchase.


  • Good quality.
  • Coconut fragrance.


  • It might be costly.
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8. Pickle Wax

Pickle Wax

Among all the wax, you need to have the right wax remover to remove all the old and residual wax from your surfboard. This product will help you remove wax. The package contains a comb and a bag. Both these products are biodegradable and eco-friendly; you do not have to worry about its harmful effects on the environment.

It is made of 100% recycled ingredients and hailed as one of the best ways you can scrape off the excess wax off your board. This product comes under an affordable price of 11 dollars. The product has got some of the great reviews from the customers and ratings on Amazon. Say goodbye to unwanted wax with this wax comb.


  • Eco friendly.
  • Easy to use.


  • None.
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9. Sticky Bumps Softboard

Sticky Bumps Softboard

If you are looking for wax for the soft board you use, then you have come to the right place. This product will not let you down because it features soft board wax available for all temperature variants. The scent of the wax is also high, which is a sweet grapefruit scent.

The product will be sure to give you a sense of refreshment because it is eco-friendly and entirely bio-degradable and made of entirely natural ingredients. You can use this wax directly on the top edge. You do not need to apply the basecoat for this.

You can get this wax for whichever temperature you want. This product is known to have one of the best qualities of surf wax. The best part is it is available in a pack of six and under 15 dollars.


  • Pack of six.
  • Affordable.


  • None.
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10. Matunas Cool

Matunas Cool

If you want to have something different than mentioned surf wax above, you can try Matuna’s Surf Wax. This product will serve you with all the benefits that you desire from a surf wax available in five temperature variants, including the basecoat. The product consists of organic materials, making it 100% environmentally friendly.

Not only that, but it is entirely bio-degradability. It is completely non-toxic and does not cause any harm to the sea or ocean water. You will notice it is an extremely high-quality material, and you can just apply this on the base coat and enjoy surfing. It is available under 15 dollars and comes in a pack of 6.


  • Temperature variants.
  • Affordable.


  • Scent not specified.
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Some Essential Questions To Ask Yourself

1. What Is Surf Wax?

Surf wax is nothing but a wax that is designed to provide you with a better surfing experience overall. Good surf wax is sure to provide you with the right amount of grip on your surfboard.

It is often seen that surfers lose their balance on the surfboard when it is too smooth, but with this wax, you are likely to lose your grip, even on a damp surfboard. If you are a passionate surfer, this should be one of your main priorities.

These waxes are mostly produced from paraffin, hard waxes, and beeswax. There are other additional ingredients, such as petroleum gel, oils, fragrance, and much more. You should look for the ingredients before you buy the best surf wax.

2. Why Use Surf Wax?

Surf wax is only used when the surfboard becomes smooth. You will find it nearly impossible to stand on the surfboard. This is why people apply surf wax on their boards to maintain their grip while surfing.

This will also help your body to hold a grip on the surfboard while you are lying on the board and gently paddling away. It is an essential factor, make sure that you have the right surf wax.

3. How To Wax Your Surfboard?

If you do not apply surf wax on your surfboard, you will quickly fall off your surfboard. You need to wax your surfboard before going surfing. It is about buying the right surf wax and applying it in the right way. So, before waxing your board, you need to know that there are two layers that you need to apply.

First is the basecoat, and then it is the topcoat. The basecoat is used first and then the topcoat. Here are the directions for you to follow when you are using the surf wax.

1. Applying The Basecoat

Before starting with applying the base coat on the surfboard, you need to make sure it is clean and does not have waxy residue from the previous surfing session. You can then apply the basecoat.

You should wax all of the complete longboard, its top side, and from end to end. For shorter boards, you can use the wax on the two-third of the top side of the board, starting from the tail.

2. Applying The Topcoat

Just as soon as you are done with applying the basecoat, you need to start applying the hard wax. You should not use the hard wax on your surfboard as it will not last long on the water without the basecoat. There is no fixed motion required to use the wax on your surfboard.

If you can notice that there are no bumps on your surfboard, this means that you have applied the wax well, and it is sitting well on your surfboard. You can spray cool water on the board after you are done with the waxing, this will help the wax to sit well on the board.

You should keep in mind that in no way are you going to apply any wax on the bottom portion of your surfing board. Remove the wax and reapply the wax once every three months.

How to choose the Surf Wax

It is safe to say that you do not want to buy cheap quality or messy wax. When there are various options available in the market, sure it is not easy to find the right one. A good quality wax does not melt away quickly.

The preference of the surf wax differs from person to person. So you can conclude the wax that you liked may have negatives reviews. Allow us to present you with some factors so that you can decide for yourself before making a purchase.

1. Water Temperature

Checking for the right temperature of the water is one of the necessary things to do before purchasing a surf wax. The surf wax is divided into five categories: the tropical, warm, cool, cold, and base coat. The base coat of the five types of wax is something that goes well in all weather and water condition.

If you do not want to waste your time checking for your water condition, then you should consider this factor. It can be tricky for you to choose the right wax as not all companies provide all categories of wax. You can use this simple trick: choose harder wax for hot water and softer wax for cold water.

2. Stickiness And Traction

Another essential thing to look into the surf wax is to check for the right combination of humidity and traction. You should choose a wax that provides the right amount of stickiness on the board when you are surfing.

This factor will help you have a better grip on the board. Having a better grip means that you will have the right amount of room on the surfboard. Doing this will help you get a balance on the board.

If you choose a wax that is too sticky, you will not be able to move your feet and maintain the balance. The factor of cold and warm water is essential here. Only some of the wax provides you with the right traction on board in cold or hot waters. Thus you have to make the right decision while choosing the wax.

3. Environment

When choosing a surf wax, you should keep in mind that it is necessary to consider the environmental conditions. You have to think about the effects of the wax on the seawater as well. When applying the wax on your surfboard, some of the wax is get washed away in the sea.

Keep in mind that these waxes do not have any harmful chemicals that might cause any adverse effect to the sea animals. So, beware that you do not buy a surf wax that can have ecological effects, keep an eye on the ingredients included in it. Choose a wax that has fewer effects on the environment.

4. Security And Safety

The surf wax is also responsible for providing you with better support on the surfboard. Almost all kinds of sports have some risk factors, but your main motive should be to make your safety a priority. It is better to avoid extremely low-quality wax.

It will add up to more risk. The lower the quality, the lesser the protection it will have. Go for a better-quality wax to have the best experience on the surfboard with a high rate of security.

5. Grip

A good wax is sure to provide you with the best grip. You can decide which wax you need to buy trying out different brands if possible. One of the main functions of the surfboard is to provide you with the right amount of grip.
You will require a firm grip on your board to surf on high and fast tides. The right board will provide you with the proper grip on the surfboard. Choosing the surfboard with the right grip is a necessary factor.

Choosing The Right Surf Wax

After keeping in mind all of these factors, it must be easy for you to choose the correct surf wax. The temperature of the water will play a critical role while buying surf wax. The water temperature is one of the factors that you should not overlook while purchasing the best surf wax.

You need to know which one of the wax is right for the water temperature that you will go surfing. Do not buy such a product; prevention is better than cure.

All the kind of wax available in the market is made for a particular water temperature. You can use one type of wax for a specified water temperature. If you choose a wax for cold water temperature, it will not provide you with any benefit in hot water temperature.

Based on the water temperature, there are five kinds of wax available in the market: cold, cool, tropical, warm, and basecoat.

1. Cold

You can go for this wax if the water that you will be surfing on is below 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Cool

You can get this surf wax if the water you are going to surf is between 54 to 69 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Tropical

This one is appropriate if you surf on the water that is above 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. Warm

This kind of wax is perfect for those who surf the water between 63 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. Basecoat

Basecoat wax is nothing but an undercoat that you can use before applying the wax. You can use the standard surf wax after you apply the basecoat. The temperature is not a factor in the base coat wax.


Q1: How To Know The Right Time To Remove Wax From The Surfboard?

A: This is one of the most critical questions asked by a lot of people. When you are slipping off from your surfboard more often, then you can understand it is time to remove wax and reapply if needed. You must remove the excess wax residue from your surfboard.

The excess wax on the surfboard can add up to extra weight on the board. If you are a surfer, you might be familiar with the idea of the disadvantage of excess pressure on the surfboard. Excess weight will result in traction. The traction only happens when you have the excess wax from your board.

Q2: How To Remove The Residual Wax?

A: If you are curious about how to remove the excess wax from your surfboard, then here are some of the ways you can do it. There are two effective ways that you can remove wax from your surfboard: you can use a wax comb to remove all your residual wax from the board, or you can get a good wax comb to reach deep into the wax and peel it off.

You can get small bumps on your board if you are using a comb; this will help you get better traction while you are surfing. Another way for removing the residual wax you can just take the sand and rub the sand on the board. It is also an effective way to remove the wax from the board.

Q3: Do You Need A Base Coat Before You Apply The Top Layer On Your Surfboard?

A: Basecoat is quite a necessity. If you are not a regular surfer, then you may not treat it as a necessity for you. The thing is the basecoat helps the topcoat to last longer. You will notice that the topcoat lasts longer if applied on the basecoat rather than when used without the basecoat.

Another reason is that it provides the board with some permanent bumps on it. These bumps help to improve the traction on the board and become prominent later when the topcoat is applied. Also, do not overdo with the basecoat, added extra weight on your surfboard is something you will want to avoid.

Q4: Will Choosing The Costliest Wax Is The Best Solution?

A: it is never the right solution to choose a wax-based on its price. You should select the wax, firstly, depending on the temperature of the water. It also depends on your surfing skills and many other factors.

These factors are the primary decider of what kind of wax you will buy. But it is advised to all the surfers not to go for the cheapest wax as it may not have any of the qualities required in the best surf wax.

Q5: When To Add More Wax To The Surfboard?

A: People who are buying surf wax for the first time, they might be wondering when to put on extra wax and when to remove it. But it is a simple equation to understand. Whenever you feel like you are slipping off the surfboard more, then it is time for you to add some extra wax on the board.

The wax will help you to get some grip on the board, but when applying the wax, you must be careful as to how much wax you are putting on the board can add up to the weight of it. Extra weight on the surfboard is not suitable for a novice surfer.

Excess wax can also add up to an accumulation of dirt and sand. None of the surfers would like to go through such an experience. Even if you lose traction, it means you have to remove the previously applied wax and start reapplying.

Best Surf Wax – What’s your choice?

Surfing is a job of extreme patience and dedication. You need to practice for months before you start off surfing on the waves. If you are a beginner, then you must know that surf wax will help you get the right grip and traction on the tide.

A search on the internet will confuse for sure because there are plenty of options available. It is a wise thing to do if you refer to our guide. Try to buy a surf wax keeping in mind all the factors we have put forward.

This guide will provide you with the right surf wax that you have been looking for all this time. Always choose a surf wax that goes right with the water temperature you will be surfing on.