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Best Surf Booties 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Hyperflex

Hyperflex Pro Series Best Surfing Booties


2. O’Neill

O'Neill Ninja


3. Rip Curl

Rip Curl E5


If you are just learning to surf or are an experienced professional surfer the one thing you need to pack along with your surfboard is a good pair of the best surf booties. That is if you really want to enjoy hours of surfing fun, without worrying about cold temperatures or hurting your feet on rocks and reefs.

Surfing without a good grip can be hard. Surfing booties are designed to keep the water out while giving you a great natural grip on the board so that you can maneuver and move your board as you want. What makes a bootie comfortable to wear and use is its design, fit and the material used in its construction since these factors strongly affect the build of the bootie.

The surf booties available for men and women are majorly the same, with a few manufacturers offering a few differentiated products for women, which have been designed more from the viewpoint of how simple they are to use and how good they look

One of the things you need to clearly look out for while buying booties, is how comfortable you are wearing the bootie and how it fits on your feet. Try and get one that fits snuggly on your feet without being too tight or too loose, as otherwise, it may slip out from your foot.

Given the wide range and designs of booties available in the market it may not be easy for you to select the best surf booties for you, which is the reason we have shortlisted some of the best booties available in the market nowadays.

Top 20 Best Surf Booties 2022

1. Hyperflex Pro Series

Hyperflex Pro Series Best Surfing Booties

A well designed and strong surfing bootie it has received many five-star ratings from satisfied customers on Amazon. An imported bootie made 100% from fibers it has super grip soles, which are a must while surfing. The superior and stronger grip helps you maintain board control while giving you a great board feel.

The design of these booties incorporates diamond shaped channels in the protective and durable soles, to let the water pass easily between the board and booties.

The super stretch neoprene, of which these booties are crafted, makes it easy for you to move your foot so that you can comfortably surf for long periods while having enough flexibility and control onboard.

Enjoy the warmth of the p4 micro fleece thermal lining, which will keep your feet comfortable and cushioned against the cold. A specially designed taper lock closure limits cold water flushing within the bootie, while at the same time ensuring easy entry and exit for the water.

The bootie is strong, sleek and has no water leakage issues since it is double glued and has blind-stitch on the seams to give it durability and strength while sporting a sleek and stylish look. The booties also offer a great fit, since they are fitted with an ExoShell+ Membrane for support and adjustability.


  • Comfortable and warm bootie for all weather conditions
  • Designed to offer a superior grip while surfing
  • Comfortable fit, helping you to surf for long durations


  • More color options would be good.

2. O’Neill Ninja

O'Neill Ninja

A sleek and super light bootie, that helps you surf comfortably no matter what the water conditions. You will love the comfortable feel of these booties while surfing since it has an indigenous FluidFlex and Krypto forefoot system that helps you balance and surf comfortably on your board.

The ultra-minimal design gives it a very fashionable look that you will love to sport when not surfing the high seas. The anti-flush shin strap is a good value addition and ensures that your bootie does not slip off while surfing. The durable foxing sole gives you a superior tight grip on the board and is made of long-lasting material.

To ensure that the bootie remains waterproof, the manufacturers O’Neill have given it a glued and blind-stitch seam construction. Many Amazon customers have given it positive reviews and grading for its value for money performance, making it one of the best surf booties available in the market.


  • Sleek, stylish design for a fashionable look while surfing
  • Strong design and construction


  • Sole could be a bit thicker

3. Rip Curl E5

Rip Curl E5

Enjoy all day surfing with these easy to wear, lightweight booties which have an E5 flash lining that has been specially designed to be warm without adding extra weight to the booties. The super soft thin sole is well designed and perfect for a lightweight, aerodynamic grip to your board.

These surfing booties have a pull on heel strap that easily secures and aligns with your wetsuit, to give you a comfortable and perfect fit, every time you wear them. The secure Velcro shaft closure lets you wear and remove these booties easily and fast.

These booties sport an E5 flash lining tape that keeps cold water out along with a split toe design that significantly improves your mobility while surfing.

The stitch less compression strap has been designed and crafted to keep your feet sealed and waterproof for maximum performance when surfing.

The 5mm thickness is more than adequate to keep your feet warm while surfing even in cold water conditions and facing the strongest wind. Features a unique odor reducing anti stink treatment, so that there is no odor whatsoever produced by bacteria.


  • Professional sporting design, for a sleek look
  • No foot odor problems caused by bacteria


  • Needs more color options

4. Rip Curl Flashbomb

Rip Curl Flashbomb

These 7mm surfing booties have been designed for extreme wear and water sports, by the world renowned leader in water sports clothing Rip Curl. One of the lightest pair of booties, you can own these booties also offer amazing warmth when worn while surfing or engaging in water sports.

A sleek and indigenously designed E5 inner lining ensures your feet remain warm even in cold water without adding any extra weight to the bootie, something that surfers will surely appreciate. Get them on and off easily without any discomfort, since they have been designed with a smooth sliding system.

The super soft thin and lightweight sole is highly durable while offering a perfect aerodynamic grip. Has a well-designed pull on heel strap which easily secures these booties to your suit, while the Velcro shaft closure aids in putting on these booties comfortably. The 7mm thickness is perfect to keep your feet safe and warm, even in extreme weather conditions or the coldest water and winds.


  • Treated with anti-stink materials to reduce odor caused by bacteria, so that you don’t face any bad smells in your surf backpack, car, or truck
  • Superior design and grip


  • Pricing on the higher side.

5. OMGear



If you are looking for a skin friendly water surfing bootie than these 3mm Neoprene booties by OMGear is a good option to consider. With more than 200 positive ratings on Amazon, by customers who have tried and tested these booties, you can be rest assured of their utility and quality while tackling the high seas.

These 3mm thickness bootie crafted with softy neoprene and sporting a 4-way stretchy nylon laminated design are both healthy to wear and durable for long lasting use while protecting your feet from and cuts and scratches while surfing. They are also suitable to wear in cold water conditions to protect your feet from the cold.

A low cut makes them flexible and easy to wear. It also sports an adjustable strap that helps tighten it to your ankle, while at the same time ensuring no sand or small objects enter inside these booties. These booties have an elastic loop on the heel part which is very useful for getting them on and off quite easily.

The reinforced and rubber printing sole is both abrasion and tear resistant while also being anti-slippery, no matter where you wear them, be it a sandy, rugged or slippery environment.


  • The glued and blind stitched seams minimize the water coming into these booties.
  • Keeps your feet warm, while surfing even in cold water conditions


  • Could be a bit thicker

6. Hyperflex Access

Hyperflex Access

Add simplicity and efficiency to your surfing with these affordable and well-designed booties by Hyperflex. The minimalist and low profile design of these booties makes them an attractive proposition for those surfers looking for a great value-for-money bootie.

Crafted and built using bionic foam which is extremely durable and wear-resistant. The 4-way stretch neoprene is very flexible while being extremely strong and durable to handle the toughest weather and surfing conditions.

The unique diamond skin sole design provides excellent traction and protection while giving you a great natural feeling and control over your board. It also has miniature diamond-shaped channels for a better and firmer grip.

You need not worry about the durability and strength of these booties as the seams are double-glued and have a blind-stitch on them. All the seams have been stitched using a single-needle so that it does not puncture a hole in the bootie.


  • Budget friendly bootie with premium features
  • Extremely durable and long lasting


  • Needs a split toe design as that would offer a better grip

7. O’Neill Superfreak

O'Neill Superfreak

If you are looking for a comfortable and easy to wear pair of surfing booties, then these booties by O’Neill Wetsuits is definitely worth a consideration. An imported pair of booties, these built for surfing boots are crafted with fluid foam neoprene, for a comfortable and form fitting fit.

These best surf booties are lightweight and durable, even though they are just 2mm thick.

The round toe design offers great mobility and grip while surfing even at high speeds. It sports a textured rubber sole, along with a torsion control front strap for superior grip on your board. Make these booties, which have received many positive reviews by customers on Amazon, a part of your surfing kit.


  • Just 2mm thick makes them lightweight and easy to wear.
  • It offers good protection against cold water conditions.


  • Sole could have been thicker for more durability

8. Tilos Osmos

Tilos Osmos

Be fashionable and comfortable at the same time with these stylishly designed water sport shoes by Tilos. Crafted with 100 percent pure neoprene, and a proprietary formula called X-Foam that complies with the very strict P.A.H. and REACH test requirements these shoes are made from limestone (not petroleum) neoprene.

The end result is a skin friendly shoe that is also hypoallergenic for people with sensitive skin. Surfers will love wearing these booties, which have a Tatex outsole which is resistant to high temperatures and also tear resistant.

The extremely good surface grip it has keeps you from slipping or falling while surfing no matter where you wear them, be it a hot and cold environment.

You can use this pair anywhere as it will protect your feet from blisters or hotspots while walking in extremely hot or cold environments. It also has glued and flat stitched seams which are quite strong and sturdy for long lasting performance.

These slip on and easy to wear shoes are crafted with the best high quality 4-way stretch neoprene which adapts to the shape of your foot, for a comfortable tight fit.


  • The unique vented sole allows water to drain easily from the shoe.
  • The lower fine mesh on the sole keeps sand and rocks out, while the upper mesh lets air circulate within the shoe for a cool, comfortable feeling.


  • Sole could be a bit thicker

9. O’Neill Superfreak

O’Neill Superfreak

A super comfortable bootie designed especially for comfortable surfing by O’Neill Wetsuits that specializes in all forms of equipment for water sports. The fluid foam neoprene gives the booties a stylish rigged look while ensuring it is strong enough to handle your active water sports lifestyle.

The 2mm thickness of this bootie makes it so light to wear that you may not even notice and be aware of its presence while surfing. For better grip and flexibility while surfing O’Neill has incorporated a split toe design, that is favored by many surfers the world over.

This wonderful and beautifully designed bootie that is imported, has won many positive reviews on Amazon. It has a torsion control front strap, textured rubber sole and drawstring closure for your safety and comfort.


  • Designed to keep feet warm and protected while surfing in diverse weather conditions.
  • Good protection against any reefs or rocks you may encounter while surfing.


  • Sole thickness could be more

10. O’Neill Reactor 2

O'Neill Reactor 2

A beautiful and well-designed bootie by O’Neill that is perfect for surfing, due to which it has received more than 300 positive ratings on Amazon.

This bootie is imported by O’Neill and features a durable textured design rubber sole, for superior grip and performance when you wear it for surfing and other water sports activities.

These booties have been crafted with fluid foam Neoprene and a flat stitch design for additional comfort. The round toe design gives you a great fit that makes these booties comfortable to wear even for long durations out in the sea.

You can keep your feet fully protected and safe in these O’Neill Reactor Reef Boots which also has side mesh panels for water drainage and to keep your feet dry when you are out of the water. It also has a protective toe cap to keep your feet safe from unexpected rocks and reefs.


  • Suitable for wide feet, due to its flexible mesh design
  • No inner separate liner makes it easy to wear even while swimming.
  • Simple, sleek slip-on design


  • It has a sole that is just 2mm thick, which may not be enough while walking on reefs or rocks.

11. Dawn Patrol

Dawn Patrol

If you are looking for a stylish as well as comfortable surfing bootie, then you can consider the Dawn Patrol 3mm split toe bootie by Rip Curl, which is a well-recognized brand in the manufacturing of booties. The Dawn Patrol series offers a super stretch, easy to wear bootie, with superior grip and comfort.

This bootie which has a stitch less compression strap for a tighter grip also features the all new Rip Curl exclusive 8 mm single layer soul for a better board feel while surfing. The 8 mm layer is made of high quality materials that ensure its durability for a long time.


  • Bonded with Glue and blind stitching for extra durability
  • Crafted with free flex neoprene for easy mobility and flexibility while surfing


  • No color options

12. FCS SP2 Split Toe

FCS SP2 Split Toe

Style meets substance in this well designed dual-tone bootie that comes in a very attractive and stylish black & red color combination. Made with high quality materials this bootie is perfect for warm water conditions. It sports a dual traction 1.2mm rubber binary sole which offers maximum sensitivity and grip while surfing the high seas.

The lightweight construction and body of this bootie, which is of 1.5mm 2-panel neoprene offer great flexibility and even sensitivity, while on the board. A metalus strap foot-locking system offers good protection against the elements and a tight comfortable fit.

It also has an ankle harness system that combines both neoprene and rubber for better strength and durability.

The booties have been built with breathable flatloc seams and conveniently located drainage holes, to prevent any water from logging inside this bootie. Wearing and removing this sleekly designed bootie, is convenient thanks to the plus heel toggle it has been fitted with. Enjoy your surfing moments, thanks to the well-designed split toe construction of this bootie.


  • Comfortable fitting so can easily be worn for long durations.
  • High durable due to the high quality materials used in its construction.


  • Needs a thicker construction.

13. Xcel Reef Bootie

Xcel Reef Bootie

Xcel is one of the foremost and well recognized manufacturers of booties, with their products being preferred by surfers the world over. This 1mm design from their collection is a lightweight but strong bootie, which makes it very comfortable while surfing while being long lasting enough to see you through many hours of happy surfing.

The split toe design is perfect for maneuverability and flexibility while surfing so that you can easily ride the tallest waves. The bootie sports adjustable straps along with a pull cord/barrel lock for a better seal. Your ankles are also well protected with these reef booties due to the high cut cuffs it sports.


  • Lightweight sleek design for better performance
  • Split toe design helps in better board control


  • 1mm thickness may not be adequate for protection on reefs

14. Roxy Womens

Roxy Womens

Women be ready to step out and surf in style with these specially designed booties, built for surfing while still maintaining a fashionable and stylish look. Crafted with 100% Stretch Flight x3 neoprene for a solid and durable construction, that easily meets your requirements for a sturdy boot while surfing.

The booties sport a WarmFlight x2 far infrared thermal lining on the sole panel to keep your feet warm and cozy along with a Diamond Deluxe technology. They also have a WarmFlight thermal fleece lining on the ankle and instep to ensure your feet are always warm.

Features liquid flex seal (LFS) taped seams, for strength and durability while on the move, along with glued and blind stitched seams. All these special features have got very positive reviews from customers who have purchased the same on Amazon.


  • Specially designed to be worn with ease by women.
  • Sleek, designer look.


  • Wider feet may need a ½ size bigger fit.

15. O’Neill Heat 3mm

O’Neill Heat 3mm

Surfers will love this ankle height bootie that has been crafted by O’Neill with Neoprene material that is well known for its water resistant properties and durability.

Be comfortable and enjoy your surfing moments, with the added mobility and flexibility that this booties FluidFlex split toe design offers you.

Not only do you get a superior grip on your board while surfing, but you also have a better and flexible grip to guide your board through the seas. The interior taped seams offer good warmth and comfort while ensuring that the water does not stay within the bootie.

What makes this bootie a good value for money is its handy forefoot strap that effectively binds your foot to the booties for a comfortable fit and safety while surfing.

An intricately glued and blind stitch seam construction gives this bootie the strength and durability that all O’Neill products are known for the world over.


  • Well crafted split toe design to give your toes a better grip and flexibility while surfing.
  • Sleek, easy to wear and remove design


  • A bit expensive

16. Copozz Diving Socks

Copozz Diving Socks

The unisex design of these diving and surfing socks makes them the favorite of surfers all over. The neoprene material used in crafting these socks ensures that your feet are safe and shielded from any sharp rocks, seashells, coral and jellyfish stings that you may encounter while surfing. Their quick drying properties and comfortable fit make them a perfect accessory for any water sport.

The anti-slipping design of its rubber soles offers a superior and strong grip on all surfaces which makes them great to wear while indulging in your favorite sports activities such as paddle boarding, kiteboarding, wakeboarding, kayaking and more.

You can also easily adjust the elastic ankle straps for a great fit that is comfortable even when worn throughout the day. The thick materials used in making these socks will keep your feet warm, even in cool waters.

The flexible design of these socks is complemented by a tough sole which comes with a reinforced rubber grip. These dive socks are also abrasion and tearing resistant, for a long lasting performance for many years to come.


  • Good heat retention properties to keep your feet warm in colder climates and waters.
  • Has an anti-slip silicone sole, for better grip
  • Adjustable Velcro strap to fix them firmly to your ankle


  • Need to be worn with boots for extra safety and comfort.

17. O’Neill Psycho Tech

O'Neill Psycho Tech

From one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of surfing booties comes a new design focusing on your warmth and comfort while surfing. These booties are designed for the ultimate performance due to the light Techno Butter 3 Neoprene used in their construction.

Crafted using the best-fitting materials available helps surfers to stay in the water as long as they want comfortably.

The indigenous split-toe design offers a better improved balance to surfers and also better board control. An O-ring seal ensures complete closure, while also allowing water an easy pathway to enter and exit the bootie.

These booties are also highly durable thanks to the exterior seams being fluid-seam-welded while the interior of the bootie is tb3x taped for better durability and longevity, giving you hours of surfing fun.


  • Designed to perform exceedingly well in the most extreme and tough climatic conditions
  • Good and comfortable fit, which keeps your feet warm


  • A bit expensive

18. O’Neill Heat Series

O’Neill Heat Series

Step on the surfboard with style, when you sport these beautifully designed booties from the O’Neill collection. O’Neill is a branded company that manufactures incredible and amazing water sports products and wet suits.

Their expertise can be seen in this well designed bootie that has a FluidFlex round toe design for utmost comfort and flexibility.

The interior tapes seams offer good warmth, while also keeping your feet protected from the water. The anti-flush shin strap and forefoot strap are great features that make this bootie safe and comfortable for hours of surfing and enjoying your favorite water sports.

A strong, durable product by O’Neill which has a glued and blind stitch seam construction for comfortable wear across all weather conditions for many years to come.


  • Premium, construction that offers a comfortable and relaxed fit during surfing
  • Secure fastening system, to ensure your booties does not slip off.


  • A bit expensive, when compared to other brands

19. Xcel Drylock

Xcel Drylock

Gear up for a great water sports experience with these booties that have received five-star ratings by customers on Amazon.

The ultra-light design has been crafted by using Xcel’s exclusive “Channel Flex” material that provides weightless and completely flexible unrestrictive movement on the board.

An FDA approved “Celliant Black” interior lining has been built into the booties to offer you excellent warmth through an indigenous infrared process.

No more worries about the water seeping in, as a dry lock ankle seal, ensures that your feet remain dry. It also sports an ergonomically designed strap for less pressure on your feet while tightening it.

The Drylock 5 mm bootie has a Taitex outer seam for durability and a 3D foot mold for a relaxed and contoured fit, while the single rubber bottom sole lets you enjoy a natural feel on the surfing board. This model also has heel loops for easy entry and removal of the booties.


  • Excellent lining design for overall warmth in cold water conditions
  • Comfortable fit and flexibility for a natural feel on the board


  • Pricing slightly on the higher side

20. NeoSport


Sport the latest styled boots this season with these Neo Sport Wetsuit Boots that have been crafted with Synthetic and Neoprene for a strong and durable performance, in all weather conditions.

The well designed boots come in three different thickness models depending on where you would like to use them.

The 3mm model is best suited for warm water, while the 5mm model has been designed for water with moderate temperatures. For those, looking at using them in cold waters the 7mm model is the best suited one.

All the booties have a solid, glued and sewn construction that ensures high performance and durability. It also features a puncture resistant sole, which is a great value addition.

A zipper helps you slide these booties on and off quite easily, while the rugged sole offers good traction and grip on wet surfaces. A specially designed water entry barrier, behind the zipper, ensures that no water seeps into the shoe.


  • Available in different sizes for both men & women
  • Suitable for all wet surfaces and beaches


  • Only one color option available

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Surf Booties

Buying the best surf bootie is no easy task and needs careful research and consideration until one is completely satisfied with one’s choice. Booties, just like shoes have different materials used for their construction along with specific features as per their utility.

To select the best surf bootie, one needs to study all the different booties available in the market based on specific factors and then buy the one that meets their requirements perfectly. Some of the important factors you need to consider are;

1. The Styling Of The Bootie

While split toe and round toe are the two common types of booties found in the market, choosing between them is not easy due to the specific advantage each design offers.

While round toe booties are more comfortable to wear and can easily be slipped on and off, professionals prefer the split toe design due to the better grip and maneuverability it offers.

The grip and comfort offered by each style are different, so it is suggested that you try both the designs until you can decide which one works best for you.

2. The Thickness Of The Material

All the best surf booties are crafted with materials of different thicknesses, based on where and when you plan to use them. While booties with a thinner thickness may be better suited for warm climates, those looking at engaging in surfing activities in colder climates would find thicker materials more suitable due to the excellent heat insulation they offer.

The common thickness sizes available in the market are 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm, with the later being purchased more by people who surf in very cold waters.

3. The Insulation It Offers

Surfing booties were primarily designed to keep the feet warm while surfing in cool waters since long exposure to the cold elements could affect the feet of the surfer. Surf boots are crafted with neoprene, for this very reason as this material helps keep the feet warm, even during extended periods of usage.
Some manufacturers also include an inner lining, to provide extra warmth and comfort to the surfers.

4. The Design & Construction

Another important factor when it comes to the selection of your bootie. The build of the bootie should easily fit your feet and not leave any extra gaps around, as then the bootie would tend to be slippery.

The bootie you buy should be easy to adjust and tighten to prevent any water from seeping into it, while at the same time being flexible and comfortable to wear for long periods.

Booties are typically made of neoprene which has excellent insulation properties while being flexible and strong at the same time. Good quality neoprene booties should be able to withstand all weather elements and even protect your feet from scratches and cuts.

The seams and lining of the bootie should be ideally glued together and blind-stitched, i.e. stitched without the needle coming out from the other side to prevent any water from seeping inside your boot.

A tight and sleek ankle fastener should be a part of the bootie to give you a better fit and grip while wearing it. The ankle fastener also prevents any water from seeping into your booties.

Split Toe Booties V/S Round Toe Booties

The two primary models that you will find in the market are those which have a split toe i.e. there is a separate toe section in the bootie and round toe booties, which have a closed round shaped just like shoes. Split toe booties offer a better and sturdy grip on the board as per many surfing professionals, which is the reason surfing sporting enthusiasts prefer them.

Rounded toe booties, on the other hand, are found to be more comfortable to wear especially if you are looking at surfing for long durations. If you are a beginner or just looking at some non-competitive, relaxed surfing experience then you can opt for a rounded toe bootie.

FAQs on Surf Booties

1. Which Is A Better Option Between The Split Toe And Rounded Toe Booties?

This actually depends on how comfortable the surfer is in wearing each design and their individual preferences. We suggest trying both the pairs for a couple of weeks before finalizing and selecting one pair that you can use continuously later.

2. Will Wearing The Best Surf Booties, Make Me A Better Surfer?

Surfing is all about balance and how you maneuver the waves, so the booties you wear will not affect your performance. However, having said that it is important to note that good quality booties can improve your grip and flexibility on the board, which could result in a better surfing performance as compared to one without using booties.

3. What Are The Types Of Seams Available In Booties?

Booties come with different seam designs such as taped seams, double glued and blind stitched. The primary reason behind the bootie seam is to give it a decorative look, while at the same time preventing water from entering into the bootie. Select one based on its water stoppage ability for a better performance and more durability from your booties.

4. How Does One Take Care Of One’s Surf Booties?

Surf booties like all surfing equipment need timely cleaning and maintenance to give a comfortable performance while lasting for many years. Make sure you clean them of sand, salt, and any other residue by rinsing them thoroughly and then drying them before you reuse them again. Keeping them in airy conditions will also help remove any foul smell that may emit from them after prolonged use.

5. Why Do These Booties Sometimes Smell? Should They Be Changed If They Smell?

All these booties are washable, and they smell if they are not cleaned well after using them, therefore you need to clean them after every use as per the instructions and there is no need change them for this reason.

6. If I Get Wrong Size, Will My Booties Be Changed By Suppliers?

Most of the amazon suppliers have ten days return or change policy so they will be changed but before buying check their polices.

Go For The Best Surf Booties And Treasure Your Surfing Experiences For A Lifetime

One of the main considerations for wearing surf booties is to keep your feet warm and comfortable while surfing across the ocean. This is especially essential when you are surfing in very cold waters. Apart from keeping your feet warm, they also help protect your feet against any sharp objects that may lie on the beach surface.

The best surf booties also help you balance better on the board and maneuver it around based on the surf. The high traction sole of surf booties also gives you a better grip and prevents you from slipping off the board while surfing.

Therefore, a good bootie will not only help you improve your surfing skills but also help you create memories that will last you a lifetime. When buying a surf bootie remember to consider all the design and material options, before you select the final one. The factors that we have outlined will help you make a properly informed and researched decision that will keep you happy for years to come.

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