Enthralling Go-to Surfing Spots In Puerto Rico

Regardless of whether you’re an aspiring surfer or a pro, Puerto Rico is considered to have some of the best surfing in the Caribbean. Puerto Rico surfing was established in the 1950s.

Ever since its inception, it has not only grown in popularity among locals but has also managed to gain a lot of international recognition after it hosted the World Surfing Championships in the year 1968.

Puerto Rico has successfully maintained its top position in the list of the best Caribbean surfing destinations.

Puerto Rico promises a thrilling surfing experience. To ensure an enthralling and safe surfing experience, you must pick the best surfing wetsuit. Irrespective of whether you are a beginner or advanced surfer, a good wetsuit makes your experience more safe and enjoyable.

Puerto Rico, also known as the “North Shore of the Caribbean”, is undoubtedly the ideal surfing destination. It has warm-waters throughout the year.

The surfing conditions in this island range from easy, two-feet waves above a sandy bottom to tall, fast-moving barrels with reef breaks. Surfing on all the coasts of Puerto Rico is extremely exhilarating during all seasons, including summers.

However, the most popular areas for surfing in Puerto Rico are the north and north-west coasts, especially during winter swells. From October to February, the peak of the swell, while summers tend to be calmer. The northwest coast offers the best surfing, it starts from Isabela and ends at Rincon.

surf spots in puerto ricoPuerto Rico is generally famous for big, powerful, hollow surf and reef breaks. It is optimum for intermediate and advanced surfers. Although it is not the best place to learn surfing, there are several spots for training and guiding beginners.

Puerto Rico has strong rip-tides and currents with a generous supply of sea urchins. The best time to surf in Puerto Rico would be late fall, winters, and early spring. Summers in Puerto Rico are generally hot. During this stretch, Puerto Rico generally witnesses surfing spots filled with locals as well as travelers.

The two most enjoyable go-to surf spots on Puerto Rico’s northwest coast are Aguadilla and Rincon. The northwestern tip of Puerto Rico is Aguadilla, whereas the Rincon sits on the western coast of the island.

You can ride all forms of watercraft like boogie-board, surfboards, stand up paddleboards, body-surfing boards, and many more. The high tides of Puerto Rico are safer as the low tides are hollow. You will find crystal clear water, perfect for surfing all year-round. It has an amazing vacationing environment for families.

Puerto Rico is easily accessible for US citizens, adding to the destination’s popularity It requires no passports and no currency exchange. The flight duration from international airports to the eastern seaboard is also quite short.

Puerto Rico provides an overall breathtaking surfing experience to all its travelers, with a variety of incredible waves amidst the captivating tropical island.

It is no less than a paradise for one to relax, enjoy, and have a great surfing vacation with friends, families, and colleagues.

Do Not Miss These Surfing Spots!

1. Rincon

The Rincon surfing spot is known for hosting the acclaimed International Surfing Championships in the year 1968. Ever since the championship, it has been considered the Mecca for surfers from every part of the world.

Rincon Point is internationally recognized as one of the best surfing spots in Puerto Rico. It is located towards the southern edge of Carpinteria and lies on the western coast of the paradise island: Puerto Rico.

Dogman’s beach is a hotspot for intermediate and advanced surfers.

Tres Palmas is also one of the most visited surfing spots in Rincon and features some challenging breakers. It is known by the name “Steps Beach”.

Domes, Maria’s, and Sandy Beach are also some excellent surfing spots located in Rincon.

If you visit Rincon, you find a statue of a surfer located right in the middle of the town. Rincon Surf School is where beginners can enroll themselves for surfing lessons and guided adventures.

The place is highly recommended if you wish to experience a captivating surfing experience.

2. Aguadilla

The town of Aguadilla has the first Caribbean’s World Surfing Reserve.

Punta Borinquen, located in the northwestern town of Aguadilla, approximately a 5-mile coastline stretch from Crash Boat to Surfer’s beach, has been designated the first Caribbean’s World Surfing Reserve. This was in the year 2018 by Save the Waves organization.

The Crash Boat and Surfer’s Beach are also great surfing depots for all kinds of surfers. Whereas, the two other surfing depots located in Aguadilla, namely Wilderness and Gas Chambers, are for more experienced and advanced surfers.

There are a dozen world-class surfing spots in Aguadilla apart from the ones listed above. Table Tops, Survival Beach, Wishing Well, and Manglito are some of them.

Bridges in Aguadilla welcomes surfers of all levels. It is popular for its constant crowd and playful glassy-waves.

Surfing in the Aguadilla area could be the experience of a lifetime, with its reef breaks and consistent breaks.
You wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity if you plan to visit Puerto Rico. It is highly recommended that you add Aguadilla surfing to your trip list if you are in Puerto Rico for an unforgettable surfing experience.

3. Isabela

Another magnificent surf spot in Puerto Rico is Isabela. The first stop in Isabela, Jobos beach, an hour and forty minutes west from San Juan, is a surfing destination for surfers of all levels.

This could be the best option for both beginners and intermediate surfers. However, it is not a great tourist-attracting spot.

Ocean Front Hotel Restaurant, situated right on Jobos beach, offers plenty of fresh seafood and local criollo. It is the ideal place to visit after a long, tiring day of surfing.

The view of the sunset from this point is magnificent. The best way to end your surfing experience in Puerto Rico is by watching the sun dip under the horizon while enjoying a delicious meal.

If you wish to experience professional surfing, you need to visit Middles Beach. This surfing spot often hosts pro surfing activities. It also organizes the annual Corona Pro Surf Circuit.

Isabela is a must-visit for the thrilling experience it offers.

Some Other Beaches in Puerto Rico

1. La Ocho

La Ocho gets its name from the La 8 Surf Shop, and Ocho means Eight in Spanish. It is located in San Juan and is accessible through Escambron beach. La Ocho is the ideal place for experienced surfers.

The Spectrum Surf School in San Juan offers private and group surfing lessons, along with board rentals.

2. La Pared

Situated in the northwestern town of Luquillo, La Pared is a great good beach for beginners. It has waves that are 3-5 foot high, and different sizes of breaks on top of a sand-filled bottom.

3. Los Tubos

In the town of Manati, located on the northern coast of Puerto Rico, is Los Tubos. This beach is a must-visit for those who enjoy an experience that’s off the beaten track.

This beach can hold big swells and as it faces northwest, it is slightly similar to the experience in Aguadilla.

Get Ready To Have An Exhilarating Experience In Puerto Rico!

Puerto Rico promises the best surfing experience for all levels of surfers. It has countless go-to surfing spots for the most breathtaking experience ever.

Not everyone is lucky to have a surfing ground behind their backyard. People travel miles for a good surfing experience.

A place like Puerto Rico has a lot of spots worth visiting, and this would require a lot of traveling. For a great all-around experience of all the major spots in this paradise island, ensure that you carry the best surfboard travel bag.

Surfing is undoubtedly the most adventurous sport. There is no sporting activity as exciting and sensational as surfing.

Puerto Rico offers a whole package of exciting experiences in crystal clear water.

Get ready for a surfing experience like never before! Do not miss out on any of the recommended spots as they promise experiences you will never forget.