Best Surf Spots In North Carolina

Outer Banks of North Carolina could be a surfer’s dream. It abruptly jets out of the Eastern Seaboard in the Atlantic ocean.

The Outer Banks are positioned where the Cold Labrador Current meets the warm Gulf stream. This makes the waters of the Outer Banks positively active. They are capable of forming swell-generating storms and low-pressure systems.

There are many things you could do at the Outer Banks. Riding bikes, skating, fishing, playing volleyball, and surfing are some of the enticing activities that may strike your mind when you plan to step into Outer Banks.

Outer Banks do not offer consistent waves, swells, trade winds, or rideable waves throughout the year. Instead, everything here is variable.

The winds are so inconsistent that they can change the form and direction of the waves the moment switching in wind direction occurs.

“You may have to strike when the iron is hot,” meaning, you will have to choose the best time when the swell is right, and the wind direction is perfect to enjoy some exhilarating surfing experience.

OBX is a series of peaky beach breaks. They stretch for 300 miles along the accessible coastline. They are made up of various sandbars that shift 365 days of the year. The big storms swoop in and carry the sand in north or south either direction.

The best surf time at Outer Banks is 5 AM. The 7 AM -8 AM winds could just turn the tables around.

The surfing season in Outer Banks starts in late July and extends through May. Hurricane season is classified as the aptest season for surfing as the waters are pretty consistent. This season gives rise to large southeast swells.

North calorina surf spotsThe moment the winter season swoops in, the low-pressure system moves towards the northeastern locations giving rise to consistent northeast swells during winters and spring.

The best thing about Outer banks is that it allows you to have a variety of experiences throughout the year.
Generally, the summer waters are very warm, and you would notice plenty of sunshine during this season.

The setting of the fall offers you a cooler temperature. This is the time when you would require a 3/2 wetsuit.
As soon as the winter season swoops in, you would need a good-fitting 4/3 wetsuit with hoods and booties. Next, you can switch back to 3/2 wetsuits as the spring arrives.

You need to have the best surf wetsuits to match the different weathers of the Outer Banks so that you can enjoy a fun-filled day surfing. The best wetsuit promises safety as well as a good surfing experience.

Outer Banks of North Carolina have a huge number of surfing spots. Some of the surfing spots are capable of providing you some of your best-surfing memories. The below-listed surfing spots are worth visiting if you are planning a surfing vacation in North Carolina’s Outer Banks.

Top 10 Surfing Spots In Outer Banks

1. Lighthouse L Hatteras, NC

This spot is home to one of the professional surfers named Brett Barley. It is the most suggested surfing post for the local surfers who wish to spend a small weekend surfing and enjoy some pristine waves in the South.

It is indeed a wonderful place to spend your morning. It promises a soothing sight of the ocean and the condition it’s bringing that morning.

Get ready with your boards and enjoy an enthralling surfing experience before sunrise if you are at Lighthouse L Hatteras.

2. Ocracoke Island

When you are trying to reach Ocracoke island, it is likely you would face some inconvenience. Due to this hassle, you would generally witness only locals at this surfing spot.

Ocracoke offers some wide-open beaches. If you need to find some solace and do not like crowds, this surfing spot would be highly recommended. It promises you a day full of fun and merriment.

3. Duke Research Pier

Duke Research Pier in Outer banks is one such spot that produces some beautiful and heavy waves. The waves automatically take you towards the south.

When this pier is in a pumping state, it never fails to give you some thrilling and enjoyable surfing experience.

The right time is all you need to watch out for a while surfing at Duke Research Pier.

4. Nags Head Pier

The Nags Head Pier offers you a good surf in both north and south directions. It highly depends on the direction of the wind and swells.

This Pier engages a huge crowd. You might not find any individual spot. The front and the centerline is almost completely occupied before 9 am. If you enter after 9 am, all you would have to do is wait for your turn.

5. Avon Pier

Avon Pier is a surf spot that hosts the Gromprix Surfing Competition. Many surfers from all over the world actively participate and compete to win a free entry into the O’Neill Sweetwater surf fest.

It is a perfect surfing spot for surfers to spend a vacation with their families. The Pier has large beaches, and fishing activities are permitted. It consists of convenience stores.

The Avon Pier surfing spot welcomes surfers of all levels, may it be beginners or pro surfers. It has something for everyone. If you plan to surf at the Outer Banks, Avon Pier would be a highly recommended destination to enjoy some world-class surfing.

6. Lillian Street

This surfing spot is located near the infamous Pelican Perch. There is a house that stands along the stretch of the beach road at this spot.

This surfing spot allows public parking. The beaches are wide and uncrowded. Certainly, if you wish to surf in solace and have an area of your own, you can have a good experience at this surfing spot.

The beaches here offer a lot of shells and countless lofty waves.

7. Kitty Hawk Pier

The Kitty Hawk Pier is situated in Kitty Hawk in front of the Hilton. It is a lovely and peaceful surfing spot if you are staying on the northern beaches.

It produces some soaring barrels when the wind direction is apt.

Kitty Hawk Pier hosts the ESA Surfing Competitions throughout the year. This spot welcomes surfers of all kinds and age groups to compete for a place in the Masters.

Kitty Hawk Pier could offer you some amazing surfing experience throughout the year. The conditions are likely to be favorable the whole day to enjoy a fun-filled day in the water.

8. Chicahauk

The Chicahauk surfing spot is located near the southern shores of North Carolina. It hosts the Town Surfing Competitions and is a home to Throw Down North of such competitions.

This competition welcomes surfers of all age groups and promises a great fun day for the entire family.

As this spot is located on the southern shores, it is a short walk from the oceanfront properties.

9. Jennette’s Pier

Jennette’s Pier hosts the WRV Outer Banks Pro events, which welcome professional and amateur surfers from all around the United States. The concept of this event encourages the surfers to battle it out in return for a grand prize and bragging rights.

A ton of guys can be found in Jennette’s Pier waters as soon as a swell is observed. You may find this spot a bit overcrowded as it is a very well-known surfing spot.

The only thing you must keep in mind is to target the right time. This beautiful pier is an amusing spot for some high-class surfing, and it offers pristine waves and winds at the right time.

If you plan on spending a vacation surfing in North Carolina’s Outer Banks, Jennette’s Pier is a must-visit spot for some exciting and sensational experience.

10. Hayman Street

This surfing spot is located in the heart of Kill Devil Hills. It is a busy beach, just half a mile north of Avalon Pier.

It is home to many vacation spots with the highest parking slots available, though the spots get filled really quickly.

This surfing spot offers different breaks entirely depending on the swells, wind directions, and sandbars.

Undoubtedly, it is a great spot for fun and enjoyment. For a chilling vacation with your family at the Outer Banks of North Carolina, you must give a thought to this place.

Have A Fun Time At North Carolina’s Outer Banks

Even though the waves are not consistent, Outer Banks waters offer some really great surfing experience if the time chosen is right.

Surfing is not only a leisure activity, but It is also an adventurous and sensational sport. It can offer you some world-class surfing and many competitions to participate in and test and enhance your surfing skills.

Surfing outer Banks without a good grip could be a challenging task. You need to have the best surf booties to ensure that the water does not enter inside your booties and enable you to have a natural grip on the surfboard. The perfect hold and stability allow you to have an all-round enthralling experience while surfing.

Do check out the best surf spots in North Carolina’s Outer Banks and hit the waters at the right time, keeping in mind the best direction of winds and apt swells. Have a fun vacation with your family and enjoy some great surfing!