Where To Surf In New England? – 4 Best Surf Spots

New England is the perfect holiday destination for many. Known for its colonial past, dramatic countrysides, and beautiful nature, the region tops a lot of wishlists. But New England is famous for another amazing sport – surfing. Yes, you heard that right! If you didn’t know, it is one of the coolest regions in the US for you to catch some gnarly waves!

With extremely surfer friendly weather, New England is home to some of the finest surfer spots in the US. Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island are the most favored spots among surfing enthusiasts. Let’s dive into these stunning Surfing regions for more information.

New england surf spots1. New Hampshire

New Hampshire is home to many breakpoints. Some spots are still kept a secret while some are well known for their wave quality. With a natural coastline of seventeen kilometers, this region is the most action-packed stretch on the whole East Coast.

New Hampshire has many rock-bottomed reefs that are often utilized by experienced surfers as their playground. They come here in groups to ride different wave types mostly during summers. Summer is always the ideal time for surfing and it is the apt season for any sizable swell.

The region is not known for consistent waves but it does attract several surfers from around the globe. The chilly winter waters also offer good waves for people to ride. Usually, surfers love wearing their wet suits to catch the waves in style. But when it’s summer in New Hampshire, you can leave your suits on the sandy shore.

In short, this is an ideal place for surfing for experienced surfers. Whereas some areas can be used as a practice ground for newbies.

2. Rhode Island

Rhode Island is undoubtedly a remarkable surfing spot in the US. It is mainly characterized by reefs and cobblestone bottom breaks. Boasting a coastline of 400 miles, Rhode Island showcases waves of varying quality. It is not only a unique place to surf but is also adorned with beach and left and right-hand breakpoints.

One extraordinary feature of this region is, it has varying water temperatures. The temperatures can go up from 35 degrees in the winter to 75 degrees in summer. In just six months, the waters of Rhode Island undergo an incredible transition. Cool, isn’t it?

A southwest swell makes an appearance in this region and welcomes both beginner and advanced surfers alike. Rhode Island is known as the epicenter of surfing in New England. This incredible spot lives up to every surfer’s expectations.

All in all, Rhode Island is that must-visit surfer spot where you ought to land your feet. But don’t forget your surf wax, folks!

3. Massachusetts

There isn’t anyone who hasn’t heard of this astonishing place. It is the most populous state in New England. Massachusetts possesses a long spectacular coastline that can make all your surfing dreams come true. You get to witness blue, regional, and classic waves in abundance right here in this state.

You name it and Massachusetts has it. . Boston in Massachusetts is the hub of surfers. It is a bustling town with vibrant young surfers. Travelers come here for leisure, surfing, and enjoyment. It is said to be one giant, shifting sandbar.

This breathtaking surfing spot is beginner friendly and is easily accessible by the public. Briefly, Massachusetts is the birthplace of several upcoming surfers and can be an awesome hangout spot.

4. Maine

Maine, the Northeasternmost US state boasts a rocky coastline. From a few point breaks to reefs, the state offers a little bit of everything you need as a surfer. It is often called the last frontier of surfing in the continental United States. Mostly, the waters in Maine are chilly.

Though surfers arrive in throngs to the state of Maine during summer, winter tells a different story. During wintertime, thrill-seekers and adventurous travelers reach here to test their limits. They tame the cold blue waves skillfully. Locals can be seen paddling out on the open waters even when the winter storms are raging.

Not to mention, the beaches in Maine are extremely beautiful and inevitable. It is an all-around vacation spot for you and your family and friends.

Surfing Seasons

Though winter is considered to be an ideal time for surfing, in Massachusetts winter steals the show. The best surfing season here begins in late August and it goes on well into winter. Summer waves seem to be a bit inconsistent but they never lose their charm.

During summer, New England towns become the heart of travel and fun. Surfers have the time of their lives flexing their skills in the warm waters. Even though the waves are usually rideable, you can’t always bank on it.

New England surfing comes to life with the onset of the hurricane season. The southeast swells are a total game-changer. It lights up the beach breaks, reefs, sandbars, and points in this surf region. Surfers are fine wearing ¾ wetsuits during summer and 4/3 wetsuits during winter.

If you ever have to walk through a snow-covered beach, it’s uncommon in New England. There are surfing enthusiasts that come to these famous surfing spots to work their magic on the cold waters.

Surfing Schools

Ever felt like riding the waves instead of watching the show? Then you can always learn the art of surfing anytime!

A lot of surfing schools are now functioning in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, and Rhode Island. They teach you the basics and coach you until you’re ready to fly out of your cocoons. You don’t have to go anywhere else to make your surfing dreams come true.

Here’s a list of some of the best surfing schools in New England.

1. Warm Winds Surf School – Rhode Island

This is a great surf school in Rhode Island that’ll help you hop on the waves for the first time. Comprising a team of knowledgeable and friendly trainers, they lend help to get into the right surfing path.

They have divided their sessions into three categories; Private surf lessons, group surf lessons, and youth surf camps.

2. Private Surf Lessons

You get to have one on one private training sessions with exceptional instructors. Receiving personal attention can tremendously improve your surfing skills as a beginner. This kind of training offers you a full crash course on surfing. From basics to advanced surfing, they have got you covered.

3. Group Surf Lessons

If you’re on vacation and your entire family wants to learn the art of surfing, what would you do? Here’s where Warm Winds Surf School comes to your rescue. This kind of training intends to teach a large group or a whole family how to surf. . You and your family can learn and have fun together.

Moreover, this is the perfect choice for receiving surfing lessons for birthday celebrations, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and much more.

4. Youth Surf Camps

This camp is considered the most thorough surf camp program in New England. It is an all-in-one program that teaches you the A-Z of surfing. They impart lessons on surfing basics, sun and beach safety, coastal preservation, sustainability, surfboard design, and everything you can think of!

5. Sacred Surf School – Massachusetts

Located near a picturesque beach, this surf school strives to provide lessons in a peaceful and calm atmosphere. They have lots of training to offer along with ensuring the safety of their students. All the surf lessons take place either on the spectacular Marconi or the Whitecrest beach.

The lesson packages are flexible enough to accommodate individuals or groups from beginner to advanced level. They include,

  • The Ocean Classroom
  • The Private
  • The Graduate
  • The Custom

All training equipment from surfboards to wetsuits are provided by the school itself. Additionally, they also offer a kid’s camp, paddleboard tours, rentals, photo packages, and events.

6. Mermaid Surf School – New Hampshire

No prior surf experience is necessary for this amazing surf school in New Hampshire. All beginners are welcome here and are taught everything they need to know about surfing.
One important attraction of the Mermaid Surf School is that they provide yoga sessions as well. Yoga on a peaceful, calm beach! Sounds relaxing?

In short, they offer,

  • Private Yoga Session
  • Surf lessons
  • Wetsuit Rental
  • ½ day Surfboard Rental

Leave your worries back home and immerse in their sessions to master surfing with ease!

7. Surf Camp Maine

Surf Camp located on Scarborough beach is one of the most dedicated surf schools in New England. It is Maine’s only full week surfing camp and is often recommended by many. They offer:

1. Day Camp

In simple words, a camper will learn to surf, socialize, and hang out at a remarkable place under their flagship summer camp. It is best suitable for children aged 9 to 15. The classes take place from Monday to Friday between 9 AM to 3 AM.

2. Surf Lessons

You’ll be trained under experienced instructors who help you to perfect your surfing skills. Lessons are offered for a group of up to 30 as regular group lessons. Moreover, private lessons by appointment are also offered.

In a nutshell, Surf Camp is an ultimate surf school to help you learn different magic spells of surfing.

So Where Are You Heading First?

You now have four equally beautiful surfer spots to choose from, which one is it going to be? Knock something off your bucket lists and have fun surfing in New England. If you’re passionate about surfing, you can learn from some of the best surf schools there. Wait for the perfect waves to form and go ride them in style!

Happy surfing!