Best Surf Spots In Central Florida

Generally, when people think of good surfing, the first few places that strike them are Hawai, California, Indonesia, Australia, and Central America.

However, a lesser-known fact is that California has some of the most consistent and breathtaking surfing spots. It is said that Central Florida surfing is like a surfer’s dream.

The Kennedy Space Center in Central Florida is a place surrounded by restricted waters, which provides the ideal conditions for astronauts and their families.

Central Florida surely has some nice spots and unique waveforms to offer if people are patient enough. The place is home to the best-known break in the state, the famous Sebastien Inlet. It also houses the infamous Ron Jon’s Surf Shop.

Seasonal changes tend to reflect in the surfing conditions of Central Florida. The temperature of the water during winter swells ranges from the higher 50s to the lower 60s. Whereas, during summer, the water temperature reaches the 80s.

Central Florida witnesses its best swell towards the north-eastern and northern directions. The low incoming tide is the best tide of the surf spots located here. Surfing, as one of the most adventurous sports, is an extremely exhilarating and sensational experience. Therefore, when you go surfing, you would want to carry the best surfing wetsuits.

These not only offer you a thrilling experience but also keep you safe and sound. Safety is the backbone of any such adventure. The best direction of the flow of wind is southwest and west and the ideal surfing season extends from winter to spring.

central florida surf spotsThe waves of Central Florida are a little punchier and they form long walls at low tides. The waters are clean and the bottom is filled with sand. For an absolutely thrilling and enjoyable experience in the waters of Central Florida, you could carry shortboards, longboards, or hybrid boards.

The only things you need to watch out for while surfing in Florida waters are sharks and nudists. Most of the surf spots aren’t crowded, and there is enough space for one to find a spot of their own. Central Florida offers exciting surfing conditions for all levels of surfers, be it beginners or advanced and pro surfers.

There are many scenic and impressive surfing spots in Central Florida. Central Florida is generally considered the land of theme parks, but some of the best rides it offers are along the coast.

Here are some of the spots that you must visit if you want to enjoy a fun-filled day amidst the pristine waves in Central Florida.

Top Surfing Spots In Central Florida

1. New Smyrna

With a small population of around 26000, New Smyrna town is considered a surf haven. It is situated in the middle of two state parks, one in the north called Smyrna Dunes, and the other in the south called Canaveral National Seashore.

It was ranked fifth among the Best Surf Towns in America by Surfer Magazine. The inlet at New Smyrna Beach is the northernmost tip of New Smyrna. It is considered the most consistent break in the state. The beach break is capable of handling multi-directional swells and provides multiple breaks.

This offers the surfers a long enough stretch of beach to find their individual spots. The lively waves at this beach offer plenty of zipping and launching points for aerials.

It is recommended that you go for a quick and intense ride rather than a long one, as it is a beach break with multiple peaks. The beach has earned the title “The Shark Bite Capital of the World”, and rightly so. So you must ensure that you are aware of the real locals and you do not let them hamper your surfing experience.

2. Bethune Beach

In the southern extent of the New Smyrna town is Bethune Beach. It is also called the Turtle Mound.

This beach is amidst a tranquil setting with condos giving way to houses. The waves at this beach are larger compared to its northern kin.

Bethune Beach is also a beach break. The only thing that distinguishes it is that it deepens much more quickly than the inlet. Bethune Beach is a surfing spot that is susceptible to the typical doldrums of surf experience. The crowd size is limited, so you can find a peaceful spot here to enjoy your surfing experience.

3. Ponce Inlet

Ponce inlet lies towards the north of the intercoastal mouth of New Smyrna and the south of Daytona. Driving on the beach is allowed here. It is a small beach with lively waves. The Ponce’s jetty is three times the size of the short and rocky jetty found in New Smyrna.

The right point break is popular among regular footers where breaks are formed up right along the jetty. If you are a goofy-footer, you would want to walk a little further north to find split peaks. Ponce inlet is capable of handling bigger swells, and the southern swells are a bonus.

Ponce Inlet, is a point break, witnesses all the best waves concentrated at a specific spot. This spot is considered the crowded part of the beach.

One point to keep in mind while surfing at Ponce inlet is that you do not paddle across the inlet as it can be extremely dangerous.

The north of the jetty is the best spot to experience some of the most enjoyable and thrilling surfing.

4. Sebastien Inlet

This is where the eleven-time World Champ of Surfing grew up and was trained in the ins and outs of this sport.

Whenever you think of this spot, the two things that would come to mind are legendary shredders and dredging.

Sebastien inlet is a rock jetty with two sides, the north side being the best. The slabby rights are formed right along the jetty.

Various surfers who visit Sebastien inlet think it’s not the same, as the wedge peels directly off the piper. The waves have certainly changed due to dredging.

Sebastien inlet is undoubtedly one of the great places to surf and is the most famous break in Central Florida. It offers first, second and third peaks where many pro and advanced surfers have surfed.

5. Spanish House

Spanish house is a beach break towards the north of the inlet. The shallow inside bar certainly jacks up some nice, hollow barrels despite the large groundswell requirement.

Multiple good peaks at this surfing spot allow surfers to find their own piece of surf heaven.

6. The Ghetto Pier

The Daytona Beach Pier, also called the Ghetto Pier, was named so for an obvious reason. There are a couple of carnivals rides and cool restaurants that you can enjoy if you are at Ghetto Pier.

It wouldn’t be the best surf spot for short boarders but this break is no less than a paradise for longboarders.

The Ghetto Pier mainly witnesses a right break, although there could be instances where you find a left break on the split peak.

The waves at this surfing spot peel the wedges for a longer time and are fairly slow. The waves are stacked up, making it the prime wave in Central Florida when longboarders could hang and enjoy amidst some of the best surfs.

7. Cocoa Beach Pier

One of the best and busiest surfing spots in Cocoa, Cocoa Beach Pier, is better than the Ghetto Pier in Daytona.

It is a one hour drive towards 195 South. The waves at this beach line up at the north and south sides of the Pier. These waves break fairly deep, saving you from having to dodge a tourist swimming in the water.

Some Other Surfing Spots

A number of surfing spots are present amidst the Patrick Airforce Base by South Patrick. Some breaks are known, namely, First and Second Light, Hangars, and Missiles.

Perkins is famous for its consistency. The swells are formed at R.C’s in front of the Ramada Inn.

Melbourne beach hosts some amateur surfing competitions. The residences near Melbourne Beach allow a view of local scenes.

Satellite Beach has all kinds of swells, but the most popular one is the northern or northeastern swell at mid-tide. It is strongly advised that only experienced surfers step in water in case they encounter large reefs in the mostly still water.

Exploration Time!

Surfing is not only a leisure activity but also a professional sport. Central Florida has given the world many champion surfers. This proves that this place offers some great quality surfing.

While surfing, one of the main things you should take into account is to maintain a solid grip on your surfboard, irrespective of whether you are a learner or a pro surfer who often encounters massive waves.

Waxing your surfboard would be the best option to ensure a stable grip and safety. Keep in mind that you wax your surfboard with the best surf wax.

Central Florida offers you a great surfing experience with many theme parks where you can either sit back and relax or enjoy the rides.

Before planning your dream vacation to explore Central Florida’s surfing, keep in mind the best locations, best timings, and best swells.

Have fun and unforgettable surfing experience in Central Florida waters! Do not miss out on the top surfing spots in Central Florida.