Ready To Catch The Waves? – Best California Surf Spots

Surfing is one of the most loved sports around the globe. As for Californians, it’s an addiction. California is best known as the epicenter of surf culture. The Golden State offers the perfect vibe for every surfer. For someone who loves surfing, the ocean blue waters and magnificent waves are the best combos. The Californian State grants them just that.

Surfing is now the official sport of California and if you’re looking for the best California surf spots, then tag along.

California Surfer Spots

california surf spotsAlong the Golden State’s coastline lies three notable surf regions: Southern, Central, and Northern California. Every surfer waits for the perfect waves to get their surfboards to work. These three regions are best known to have apt surfer’s weather.

They are also great vacation spots where you can indulge in surfing or watching a surfer skillfully catch the blue waves.

1. Southern California

Southern California is infamous for its golden beaches and breathtaking Pacific coastline. It is home to most of the stunning surfing spots in North America. Plenty of movies have been filmed in these sunny spots. These surf spots have played a key role in popularising the surf culture.

Get your boards and wetsuits ready; let’s dive right into some of the most beautiful surfing spots in Southern California.

2. Malibu

Malibu is the main beach where you can witness a lot of surfing in the pleasant, sunny weather. Lie down on the golden sands and when the perfect wave hits, take your surfboard and go with the flow. The beach is equally beautiful in ambiance and offers the ideal surf breaks for beginners and advanced surfers.

Malibu is the right surfing destination for surfers looking to showcase their outstanding surfing skills. Many beginners also come here to polish the art of surfing.

3. Venice Beach

This beautiful beach has always made its way into the wishlists of many. This hipster beach is the birthplace of many local surfers. The mellifluous voice of the waves is a great attraction, so one can always see beginners and professional surfers here. Venice Beach is often the practicing ground for infinite upcoming surfers.

Another infamous beach is the Venice Beach Breakwater. The best waves are located on this beach and are often flooded by tourists every year. There is nothing more relaxing than a walk from Venice Beach to Santa Monica. This walk can be a memorable one because you get to witness a lot of street performances, art, and whatnot.

Catch some waves on the ever famous muscle beach, and who knows what lies in wait for you! You might even be lucky to catch a movie star riding the waves.

4. Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach, also known as the Surf City USA, is the ultimate surfing spot you can land your feet on. The beach is home to the Annual World Championships and has earned a distinct name for the same. Tourists hit the beach for its serene atmosphere and mellow waves.

These waves are perfect for any surfer who is looking for an ideal surfing spot. They can even go up to twelve feet along with the waves on attractive surfboards. One remarkable thing about surfing spots is that you get to witness a beautiful view of the neatly arranged, colorful surfboats on the beach. The beach, for sure, offers fun waves for surfing enthusiasts and tourists alike.

5. Blacks Beach

Blacks Beach is one of those highly crowded beaches you’ll ever see. It is one of the most mighty surf breaks in Southern California. It adorns the underwater canyon and the Scripps Canyon that permits the waves to grow in size. Though the beach welcomes surfers from all around the world, it is a dangerous surfing spot.

Only advanced and experienced surfers can explore the high blue waves. Californians often throng the Blacks Beach for basking in the sun. You are sure to have a fun time on this beach during summer. Don’t forget your surf wax!

So if you ever visit California, make sure you have South California on your bucket list. It has the warmest waters and the clearest skies, don’t miss it!

Central California

Central California does not boast about several fantastic surfing spots. But the beaches here are must-visit places. It is less commercialized even though it has a powerful surf culture. The water is colder, and the waves are more massive, making it a favorite surfer destination. While it can be quite risky, surfers are keen to become more adventurous here.

Though it holds a serious, cold vibe altogether, a vast number of tourists flock Central California.

Santa Barbara

They say surfing and Santa Barbara go hand in hand. It is famous for its beautiful beaches and awesome surfing spots. Some of the best surfing spots in Santa Barbara are,

1. Big Drakes

Big Drakes is one of the most favorite surfing areas for tourists. As a result of the classic and regional quality of the cold waves, surfers often have quite an amazing time there. The size of the waves on a good-wave day stands between 300 meters and 500 meters. Both high tides and low tides can be experienced in this place.

Big Drakes is the top weekend destination, and you might even see popular surfers flexing their wave riding skills.

2. El Capitan

If you’re an experienced surfer, then this is the right spot for you. Claiming waves of world-class quality, El Capitan is home to several well-known surfers. On a typical day, you can witness waves sized between 150 to 300 meters, and on good days, the waves can grow from 300 meters to 500 meters.

Surfing, being their favorite sport, tourists and Californians reach the beach to spend their leisure time. El Captain often confronts Westward swell, and the wind mostly blows in the North, Southeast, East, and Northwest directions. This surfing spot is open to public access every year.

3. Campus Point

Campus point is situated right next to the University Of California, Santa Barbara campus. How awesome would it be to have a surfing spot just a few steps away from your university? You wish! With a standard wave quality, this is yet another crowded beach in Santa Barbara. The beach is pretty sandy, and this can be a perfect spot for kids to make sandcastles while you get on your surfboards.

This golden beach is open to public access and can be the ideal place for beginners to refine their surfing skills. A gigantic west swell paves the way for the right-breaking waves that can even go up to a hundred yards. The wavelength reduces to 50 meters on a regular beach day.

On the other hand, the wave size stays between 150 meters to 300 meters on a good weather day.

4. Driftwoods

Driftwoods is easily accessible to all surfers, including beginners and professionals alike. Sporting an incredible wave quality, this surfing spot has become an evening playground for new surfers. But you always need to watch out for rocks on the beach. Apart from being rocky, the beach seems to be quite sandy during summer.

5. Coral

The Coral surfing spot is the finest spot for both surfing and relaxing. Though it offers public access, only experienced surfers get on their boards to catch the waves. If you visit the Coral on weekdays, you would be quite surprised to see the beach empty. But on weekends, it is a whole different story.

Surfers are advised to be extra careful due to the presence of several corals and other sharp objects in the sea.

So tell us, which is your favorite surfing spot in Central California?

Northern California

The coastline along Northern California is greyer, rugged, and beautiful, unlike sunny Southern California. Something magnetic about this place pulls you towards it when searching for some unique surfing spots. Home to the Golden Gate Bridge, Northern California, can be a picturesque place to visit.

The alluring warm waters here not only call for tourists but sharks as well. This place has more shark attacks than anywhere else on earth! So are you ready to face the sharks?

1. Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach is an Iconic Beach along the Golden State’s coastline. This challenging beach welcomes surfers who are keen to enhance their skills on consistently great thumpers. The wave quality is excellent and is capable of handling various kinds of swells. The surf remains the best, even on big and smaller days.

You can always head south along the coast to surf calmly to enjoy the sport in a quiet atmosphere.

2. Salmon Creek

Salmon Creek is an infamous surfing spot where you can ride the waves in pleasant weather. At times, the waves can be so strong and powerful for experienced surfers, and they need no greater reward than these. Some days, the creek will be too cold for surfers, but beginners use this time to practice their favorite sport.

When the weather is normal, an increase in the number of surfers can be noticed.

3. Patrick’s Point

Patrick’s point is one of those challenging surfing spots you’ll ever come across. The waves here can often grow big. Experienced surfers usually take advantage of these gnarly waves to take their skills to the extreme. Simply being experienced won’t do; you need to be lucky as well to tame these dangerous waves.

So are you challenging enough to catch the waves of Northern California?

Let’s Start Surfing!

California’s greatest wealth is its rich surfing spots. These amazing California surfer spots are sure to leave you mesmerized. Now that you know where to head for vacation, don’t forget to get your hands on a vibrant surfboard to catch the waves.

Happy Surfing!