Best Surf Destinations In Rincon – What’s Your Pick?

Puerto Rico is home to dreamy beaches, tropical drinks, retro fashion, magical waterfalls, and everything you wish for in a dream vacation destination. This magnificent place tops the wishlist of many and is often called the island of enchantment. One of the finest attractions of Puerto Rico is its remarkable surfer spots.

Rincon is one of the most famous surfing spots in Puerto Rico. It had become famous back in 1968 and the hype isn’t dead yet. Rincon, also known as the “Queen of the Coast” in California, is the ideal surfing spot for beginners and seasoned surfers alike. Well-formed blue waves and long rides are the stunning attractions of Rincon.

Before you land in Rincon, it is always best to be well prepared beforehand. Here’s a complete list of all the detailed surfing conditions and information you need to know.

Flying To Rincon, Puerto Rico

When you book your tickets, you need to get things done economically, isn’t it? Spirit Air and Jet Blue provide the best flights at the best prices. For east coast surfers, this can be a great deal. A Spice Air flight from Ft. Lauderdale to San Juan only costs $200. Whereas, a direct flight to Aguadilla will cost above $200.

Most tourists prefer a direct flight to Aguadilla despite the tickets being relatively expensive. It is because the surfing spots are located just a drive away from the Aguadilla International Airport. They can hop off the plane, wear their sunglasses and head straight to the beaches!

Once you’re in Puerto Rico, a rental car becomes a necessity. You may have to stop by at several places, so hailing cabs frequently can burn a hole in your pocket. Ensure to rent a car, truck, or van as your daily means of conveyance during your stay.

Best Rincon Surfer Spots

Puerto rico surf spotsLike we said earlier, nothing can beat the surfing vibes at Rincon. Tourists from around the globe flock to this place during summer. Let’s dive right into some of the most incredible surfer spots in Rincon!

1. Antonio’s Beach

Antonio’s Beach is famous in Rincon. Known for its mellow waves and serene atmosphere, it’s crammed with crowds during weekdays and weekends alike. The beach has two main takeoff spots; one, in front of an abandoned restaurant, and the other is a long walk north to the sandy river mouth.

You need to be early to the beach to ride the waves. If you’re looking to have fun with the waves, Antonio’s beach is the perfect go!

2. Sandy Beach

Sandy Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Puerto Rico and is located just a few steps away from Antonio’s beach. It is considered to be a favorite hangout spot for both tourists and Californians. The waves are classic here and allow both beginners and professional surfers to flex their surfing skills.

The beach requires a Northwest swell and a light South wind to play its game. And once it attains this combo, the beach becomes a perfect surfer spot. A short walk to the south of the beach, you’ll find a small cove where you can ride some easy, high waves.

3. Pool’s Beach

If you’re heading south of Rincon, you are sure to find yourself at the Pool’s beach. The beach is often flocked by budding surfers. It is not a highly populated beach, but it does do a pretty good job with the waves. The beach has several scattered reefs and welcomes all surfers alike to have some fun.

But the Pool’s beach needs a Northwest swell to break. This place can be a weekend spot for relaxation and enjoyment.

4. Domes

Domes is one of the top-visited beaches in Rincon. It is situated right in front of the old Nuclear Power Plant. This incredible surfing spot is known to pick-up swells more than the surrounding breaks. Even though it is bigger, the waves aren’t hollow here. But if you’re here to ride the waves as part of your workout routine, then Domes is an apt choice.

The best time to go surfing in Domes is during autumn or in October. You’ll never feel like leaving the place for its consistent waves and cool winds. So who’s ready?

5. Indicators

Indicators are yet another surf spot that surfers often visit to catch the waves. The Rincon Lighthouse is a stunning landmark here. Indicators are the best area with the ideal breaking waves and have the perfect, sunny weather for surfing. It is often crowded with visitors during the mornings.

Just a walk down the area can make you forget all your worries. The waves are always ready for you to fetch your boards and start riding. But remember to keep an eye for the tides.

6. Maria’s

Maria’s is one of those surfer spots that you shouldn’t miss. From the mellifluous voice of the sea currents to the calmly blowing winds, Maria’s is where you are sure to have the best surfing experience. It is a true gem on the Rincon coast and has one of the most classic waves in the Caribbean.

The waves can go up from 3 feet to 6 feet and you can work magic with your surfboards there. Maria’s is at its best during a Northwest swell and goes offshore during the East-Northeast trade winds. Sometimes the waves are so powerful that only experienced surfers can tame them.

All in all, it is the most liked surfer spot in California.

7. Tres Palmas

Tres Palmas is the Caribbean’s most famous and beautiful big wave spot. You can also see a crowd of surfing enthusiasts riding the waves. It is a legendary right-hand reef break that needs a perfect swell to start the show. Winter is the ideal time of the year to visit Tres Palmas and it is usually very crowded then.

8. Little Malibu

Compared to the other surfer spots in Rincon, Little Malibu is more fickle than Tres Palmas. It requires a much bigger Northwest swell to start breaking out. Tourists throng this place during vacations. The waves here are apt for surfers looking for speedy tubes. Little Malibu is often packed with local surfers and bodyboarders who don’t have to worry about losing their fins.

Surf Lessons In Rincon, Puerto Rico

Are you tired of watching experienced surfers work their magic on their surfboards? Well, you don’t have to anymore. Here’s the big deal; you get to attend surf lessons right in Rincon! These schools are located in an area with consistent waves and are easily accessible to travelers. They teach you the basics and coach you to become a trained surfer.

Well-known schools like the Rincon surf school teach everyone; from novices to advanced surfers. Once you get the hang of it, go fetch your boards and wetsuits to catch the waves!

Surfboard Rentals?

Worried about taking extra luggage? Leave your surfboards back home and enjoy your vacation in Puerto Rico. Rincon and Aguadilla are home to several shops that rent colorful and vibrant surfboards. They are high in quality and can be availed at affordable prices. You can choose from a wide variety of shortboards, longboards, stand-up paddleboards, fun shapes, and whatnot!

Mar Azul in Rincon is a greatly recommended rental place where you get to buy boards of your choice. There are various other rental shops at Antonio’s Beach as well.

Surf Crowds In Rincon

A vacation to Puerto Rico is full of hustle and bustle, instead of a boring, mundane one. Every year, travelers reach California in numbers to enjoy the sunny weather and to witness the Annual Surfing Contests. Even though the crowd is limitless, it is quite manageable. Thanks to the increased number of surfer spots in Puerto Rico.

The locals seem to be very friendly and the surfers won’t mind you watching them do their jobs. So basically, the local surfers reach these spots in limited numbers but you may have to keep an eye on the US surfers who come in throngs. Every year thousands of travelers from New York and New Jersey land in Puerto Rico for their share of surf spots.

And then there are Floridians who can’t wait to hop on to their planes when the surfer weather is at its best in Rincon. Everyone is welcomed here with warm, open arms. Also, you can indulge in your fun activities without a worry! Cheers!

Where To Stay In Rincon, Puerto Rico?

‘Where to stay?’, is often a daunting question while you’re on vacation. You not only need affordable accommodation but a safe environment to live in. Worry not, Rincon offers plenty of beautiful hotels and inns with a serene environment to make you feel comfortable and safe. They give you the make-yourself-at-home vibes and ensure you have the best stay in Puerto Rico.

Some of the ideal hotels in Rincon, Puerto Rico are,

  • Pipons Resort
  • Bungers Bon Accord Inn
  • Tamboo Beside the Pointe Hotel
  • Pools Beach Cabana
  • Casa Islena

Instead of staying at hotels, you can rent vacation houses near the beach. Sounds amazing right? So here are our best picks.

  • Casa Vista del Mar
  • Island West Rental Properties
  • PR West

The next time you’re on vacation to Rincon, have them on your bucket list!

Are You Ready For Your Rincon Vacation?

We know you can’t wait to enjoy your holidays in Rincon, Puerto Rico. Don’t blame us if you never feel like leaving the place! It is the perfect vacation spot for going out on romantic dates to having an absolute fun time with your family and friends. Take surf lessons and go hit the waters!

Have a nice time!