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Best Kayak Paddles in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

1. Best Marine


3. OceanBoard


Best Kayak Paddle is designed to make the experience of paddling easier and enjoyable for individuals. Best Kayak Paddles. Choosing the right Best Kayak Paddle is highly important in order to have a good paddling experience.

Kayak paddles are designed in a strategic manner so that individuals can work their way through paddling even when they are doing it for the first time. Kayak paddles are bought by individuals of all ages because they all enjoy the activity of paddling. If you are looking for fun and healthy outdoor activities, you should try paddling.

These paddles are designed to be efficient for all kinds of individuals whether they are beginners or they are professionals. For beginners it is difficult most of the time to get a hold of the activity, however with a good paddling kit, the experience can be made fun, easy and enjoyable.

The Best Kayak Paddle have certain qualities that make it more optimal than other kayak paddles. Kayak paddles are made of different kinds of materials and the kind of material they are made of matters a great deal.

The different parts of kayak paddles and the accuracy of their structure also matters in determining whether they are suitable or not.

There are certain tactics that can help an individual decide on what kind of Best Kayak Paddle they should be looking for. These tactics are such that depend upon the following features of the kayak paddles.

Types Of Paddles:

The variations in the kind of paddles is due to the reason that there are different kinds of Paddling. These different kinds of paddling and the paddles that can be used for the respective types of paddling are:

1. Recreational Kayak Paddles:

These are designed for individuals who don’t kayak for longer periods of time. The design is relatively heavier, however it is durable. These are often opted by individuals that go on kayaking trips or fishing trips.

2. Touring Kayak Paddles:

These are relatively more light weight and do not tend to increase fatigue. These are comfortable and easy to use even after prolonged use. These are ergonomic and durable for use, due to their lightweight structure.

If the waters are calm, these types of paddles are the best option. These paddles also vary in the shapes and sizes of the blade and the structure of the shaft, so that they can suit to every individual in a customized manner according to their paddling style.

3. Performance Kayak Paddles:

These paddles are optimal for performance purposes which requires high speed and high power. For this purpose they are made extra durable and lightweight, so they can endure the pressure of the water against them.

During performance the paddler has to deal with wind resistance and these paddles are optimal for reducing wind resistance due to its shape and structure. These also consider the comfort of the paddler as these are used often in prolonged paddling performances.

These Best Kayak Paddle can be used for professional kayaking races as they provide high speed and easy maneuvering. The movements are made slightly easier even if the water movement is high.

4. WhiteWater Kayak Paddles:

These are designed with wider blades and thicker shafts because they are used for paddling in uneasy conditions. The shape and structure of these paddles is efficient for facing strong currents. It is also easier to deal with underwater obstacles such as bumps and rocks when you use these paddles. These are optimal for dealing with harsh whitewater conditions.

Picking the correct category of Best Kayak Paddle might seem like a confusing task, but it is quite easy when one has insight on the variations in the features of the paddles. The Kayak Paddles vary in a number of features such as;

  • The length of the paddle
  • The shape and structure of the shaft
  • The style of the blade
  • The extension of the Paddle
  • The materials used to construct the shaft, blades, and paddle.

5. The Length Of The Paddle:

There are certain factors that need to be taken under consideration in order to pick the most suitable Kayak Paddle for one’s self.

These factors are, your height, the length of the Best Kayak Paddle and most importantly the length of your torso. The measurements of your height and your torso should suit the respective type of Paddle. This is important since the paddling experience might get hindered if the suitable paddle is not selected.

For instance, if you end up choosing a paddle that does not suit your height and the length of your torso, then you might face trouble reaching the water or you might end up knocking your knees with the paddle shift.

In order to avoid these hindrances, specific guidelines could be used to get guidance on how to choose the perfect paddle.

For instance if your height is around 5’5 and the Kayak you want to use is 23 inches wide, then the best length you can go for is 210 centimeters.

It is also the type of Kayak that matters a great deal when you want to choose the suitable paddle for yourself. For instance, Kayak’s may vary in types such as sit-on-tops and sit-inside.

The difference in both categories is how easy or difficult it is for you to reach the water. If the paddler is over 5’5 then the length of the paddle should increase by another 10 centimeters.

Moreover if the paddler is 6 feet tall than the length should increase by another 10 centimeters along with a 36 inch wide Kayak for them.

The length of the torso also matters a great deal in determining what kind of paddle one must choose for themselves. The length of the torso and the length of the paddle could be matched in the following manner

  • For a 22 inch torso there should be a 180 centimeters paddle
  • For a 24 inch torso there should be a 180-200 centimeters paddle
  • For a 26 inch torso there should be a 190-210 centimeters paddle

So with every 2 inches increase in the torso, there should be a 10 centimeters increase in the size of the paddle. Hence the size of the torso can be taken into consideration in order to find the suitable paddle for oneself. However, it is not always the measurements that help in deciding the type of paddle you should buy, but at times it also depends on your paddling style.

You might want to use longer or shorter paddles regardless of the size of your torso, therefore it is best to test out paddling a few times before investing in paddles.

The length of the paddles of Kayak paddling is only one of the things that need to be considered before buying a paddle, because there are other features that need to be considered as well.

6. The Material Of The Paddles:

There are various kinds of Best Kayak Paddle depending on the material they are made up of. It might be confusing when you look for a kayak paddle for the first time, considering they vary in a number of features. The different materials make it easy for individuals to pick Paddles that suit their paddling style better.

Considering material of paddles is necessary is because the weight of the kayak paddles matter a lot. Some kayak paddles are made up of aluminum, some are made up of carbon fiber, and some are made up of molded plastic. It is said that some people may find aluminum kayak paddles to be heavy.

For a good kayaking experience, it is important that the paddle is not so heavy and can be handled easily by all types of users. People who prefer lightweight kayak paddles should go with the ones made up of carbon fiber and plastic.

While choosing the best kayak paddle for yourself, knowing the usefulness of the shape of the blade of the paddle, is just as important as the weight of the paddle itself. Here are some types of paddle blades

  • Dihedral blade – these are essentially flat in shape, that is to say, that they have two flat surfaces. These are considered more efficient because the flow of the water is directed towards the edges of the blade and so one can row smoothly.
  • Wing Blades – used mainly in professional kayaking or in racing events. This is because these blades ensure faster kayaking experience. For good performance, they need a high angle paddling force.
  • Asymmetric blade – allows for a maximized flutter-free stroke, these are more convenient as both sides are equally in the water.

7. Blade Material

Blade shape is essential, but to provide the rower with convenience, blade material is also necessary. The blades are usually made up of the following material

  • Fiberglass

The best choice of recreational kayaking, these paddle blades are lightweight and extremely affordable. You can find these blades in different attractive colors.

  • Carbon Fiber

This is the most lightweight option, for rowers planning to take a longer kayaking tour, they should go with carbon fiber material. However, these blades are relatively pricey.

  • Plastic or Aluminum

This material is the heaviest and not everyone may be able to handle it. These prove to be the least expensive amongst all other options. These are usually used by beginners or individuals that go for a leisure kayaking adventure and do not stay in water for long so the fatigue is less.

8. Shaft Material

Traditionally, shafts were made up of wood because it provides strength and reliability. These woods are usually coated to increase the resistance of kayak paddles in strong waters.

Aluminum is also a popular constructing material for a shaft; however, shafts that are made up of aluminum are heavier. Even though they ensure durability, their heaviness can be a fatigue for the paddlers. However, if you are a beginner and going for a very casual kayaking experience, aluminum shafts should not be a problem.

  • Kayak paddling extension

It is very much possible for kayaking paddles to be extended. This means that you can adjust their length to suit your needs.

These extensions are only possible if the shaft is two or four piece, even in our list of best kayak paddles, we have included many such kayak paddles that allow the rower to extend the length of the paddle.

  • Paddling style

If it is clear as to the type of kayaking adventure you are going on, you can easily identify your paddling style. Here are two distinct paddling styles

  • Low-angle Paddling

For causal kayaking in calm waters, low angled paddles are the best option. Since these horizontal paddles are thin and longer, they allow a better paddling experience, and a more productive one.

  • High – Angle Paddling

When the waters are not as calm and have a heavy flow, high angled paddles are the best. They provide a forceful paddling in heavy flows and allow the paddler to move through the water swiftly. People who prefer adventurous kayaking and are inclined towards fitness, should go with these paddles.

9. Paddle Shafts

These totally depend on the types of kayaker. There are two types of shafts, namely

  • Straight shaft

These are better for adventurous kayaking. They give easy maneuvering of the kayak and are a flexible option

  • Bent shaft

For beginners, this paddle shaft is the most ideal, especially if they are on a casual kayaking journey.

Top 15 Best Kayak Paddles 2022

1. Best Marine and Outdoors

Best Marine and Outdoors Best Kayak PaddleThis company was born in 2016 and took markets by storm with their reliable and affordable kayak paddles. These paddles are known to be very affordable and lightweight.

The most important aspect to consider while buying the best kayak paddles is to make sure of the correct length. If the length is right, you will have a comfortable travel. Their paddles are 92 inch long and made up of carbon fiber material and have a fiberglass blade, which is smooth.

These paddles can easily be adjusted and broken into parts to give convenience because they can easily be stored anywhere – in your store or shed.The most advantageous factor to buy these kayak paddles is that they have a refund policy. So in case you are not satisfied with the product, you can easily exchange them.


  • Convenient
  • Storage friendly
  • Adjusted
  • Reliable


  • No cons have been found

2. Wdam Kayak Paddle-Best 230 Kayak Paddle

Wdam Kayak Paddle-Best 230 Kayak PaddleWDAM is famous for its lightweight and efficient kayak paddles. They are made up of carbon fiber material and their blades are also made of fiberglass. These paddles are very lightweight; they approximately weight 38.8 oz.

WDAM take pride in providing the best kayaking experience for their customers. Again, the most important factor to consider is the length of the kayak paddles. These paddles by WDAM are 90.5 inch long. The length is said to be perfect – neither too long nor too short, just perfect for an amazing kayaking experience.

The design of the Best Kayak Paddle is also convenient. It can be broken down further into two pieces so that it can be stored. This break down option also makes it easy to transport these paddles.

What makes us put these paddles on the best kayak paddles list, is that they have a three lock system – so you can adjust to your personal rowing habits.


  • Lightweight
  • Very convenient
  • Portable
  • Storage friendly
  • Affordable
  • Durable


  • No cons have been identified yet

3. OceanBoard Kayak Paddles

OceanBoard Kayak PaddlesThe best choice of all kinds of kayakers. These are premium quality Best Kayak Paddle. These paddles are lightweight and made up of carbon fiber material, with fiberglass PP blade. These PP blades are UV-stable and ensure the durability of these paddles. They approximately weigh 33 oz.

Like most paddles, these paddles are also of an ideal length. With 90.5 inches, these paddles are of a desirable length to ensure comfort while rowing.

This kayak paddle is also detachable to provide convenience, and you can easily store it into pieces and this feature makes these paddle very portable.

It also offers the feature to adjust its length to suit the needs of the kayaker, according to their height or rowing habits and techniques.

The best part about ocean board kayak paddles, is that they come with a complimentary bungee paddle leash. With this, you can lock your paddles very securely and lay down or relax in between your journey. They also come with an adjusted 3 locking positions to suit the preference of the paddler.

Moreover, these paddles come with drip rings at both ends. These drip rings serve the purpose of preventing water to flow down till the paddlers’ hands so they do not get wet while paddling.

Oceanboard also offers a warranty claim and has a refund and exchange policy in case of any quality issues to ensure customer satisfaction.


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Complementary accessory
  • Refund policy


  • No cons identified as such

4. Best Marine And Outdoors

Best Marine and OutdoorsThese 92 inch paddles offer the perfect length that is not too long or too short, but actually perfectto provide an amazing experience.

These paddles by best marine and outdoors are affordable and durable. The materials used for these Best Kayak Paddle is the carbon fiber along with reinforced blades to ensure stiff paddling.

These paddles weigh only 33.5 oz are extremely lightweight and user-friendly. What puts these paddles on our list of best kayak paddles is that they give a soft and smooth grip.

These paddles also give the option for adjusting the positions of the paddle’s blades to suit the angles of the rower. Moreover, these kayak paddles can also be broken down into two pieces so that it reduces the size of the paddle and it is easy to store and transport them.

The best part is that it is a risk-free choice, since marine and outdoors provide a refund and exchange policy along with the purchase in case there is any quality issues, to satisfy the customers.


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth
  • Adjustable
  • Breakdown option
  • Refund and exchange policy


  • No cons have been identified

5. Pelican Kayak Paddles

Pelican Kayak PaddlesThese paddles by Pelican are made up of aluminum and has a polypropylene feathered blade for durability.
These paddles have drip rings on both ends to help prevent hands of the rower from getting wet. These drip rings are also very adjustable to provide a smooth and strong grip.

Push button angle adjustment option is also given to meet the needs of the rower. The length of these paddles is 89 inches, the length is neither too long nor too short. In fact, they are just perfect! These paddles are available in cool and funky colors!


  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Adjustable


  • These paddles may not be lightweight due to the material being used.
  • There is no mention of a refund and return policy, which essentially means that the purchase is not entirely risk free.

6. OceanBoard Kayak Paddles with Paddle Leash

OceanBoard Kayak Paddles with Paddle LeashOceanboard kayak paddles are usually of a premium quality and very reliable. These paddles are made up of carbon fiber and fiberglass PP blades that weight around 33 oz.

These are relatively lightweight as compared to other Best Kayak Paddle. These paddles are said to be really lightweight and durable.

These kayak paddles have an ideal length of 90.5 inch, which is preferable by many. You can easily share these paddles with others as well because it has a standard length. They can also be adjusted in different positions to suit the angle.

They also come with drip rings fixed. The purpose of these drip rings is that they stop the water from getting to the rower’s hands and keep them dry, to ensure a smooth grip.

Oceanboard complementary gives bungee paddle leash which helps you lock your paddles securely, in case you want to leave your kayak unattended and lay down somewhere.


  • Adjustable
  • Durable
  • They give a smooth grip
  • Come with drip rings
  • Locking angles
  • Complementary accessories


  • No cons identified

7. SeaSense X-Treme Kayak Paddles

SeaSense X-Treme Kayak PaddlesSeasense kayak paddles have a premium quality and look. These black kayak paddles are made up of molded plastic blades so they are extremely lightweight as compared to other kayak paddles.

This kayak paddle can also be broken down into two to ensure portability. This breaking down reduces the size of the kayak paddles, so it can easily be stored.

These kayak paddles also come with a drip guard and ensures a dry grip. The grip is also very smooth because of the foam rubber.


  • Adjustable
  • User friendly
  • Smooth grip
  • Drip guard
  • Affordable
  • Looks great


  • No mention of refund and return

8. Overmont Kayak Paddles – Sup

Overmont Kayak Paddles - SupThese paddles look cool and funky. They have an option to breakdown into two pieces and reduce their size so they take up less storage space in your store or shed. Their blades are feather shaped and have a double serrated edge design.

These kayak paddles have a locking option, and it comes with a paddle leash that help secure your paddles, in case you leave them unattended or go away to relax. This feature helps if the rower wants to take a break.

These paddles are made up of aluminum and are hollow which essentially helps them float on the water; this leaves you with one less thing to worry about. You do not have to buy this leash separately as it is included in the price of these paddles.


  • Adjustable
  • Durable
  • Float on the water
  • Affordable
  • Come with a leash


  • Refund policy is not essentially mentioned

9. Aqua Bound Manta Ray Kayak Paddle

Aqua Bound Manta Ray Kayak PaddleWhat puts these paddles on the list of best kayak paddles is that these are carefully handmade by paddling enthusiasts.

It breaks into the following two:

  • Posi-Lok
  • Snap button ferrule

These breakdown options allow the size of the paddle to reduce and thus they take a relatively smaller space in the storage.

Their blades are made up of carbon abX resin, instead of fiberglass reinforced blades. Comparatively, these blades weigh less than the fiberglass blades and ensure a better rowing experience. These blades are stiff and stronger than usual kayak paddles.

The paddle shaft can be ovalized to give a better and a smoother grip and provides much convenience for the rower.

These paddles also come with drip rings,and they work as a guard to water flow and keep the hands of the rower dry.


  • Adjustable
  • Convenient
  • Storage-friendly
  • Lightweight


  • No refund and return policy is mentioned as compared to other kayak paddles

10. Bending Branches Recreational Kayak Paddle

Bending Branches Recreational Kayak PaddleThese kayak paddles provide a flutter free stroke, which essentially allows the rower to row smoothly along the water. These paddles can be broken down into two pieces and that helps make it travel friendly, they reduce the size of the paddles and thus, they can be stored easily.

These shaft is ovalized and coated to ensure a smoother grip. The reinforced blade help to paddle with ease. The shaft is made up of aluminum and keeps afloat, so the rower does not have to worry about the paddles to drown. This lightweight shaft is a 3M versafit, and gives a very comfortable experience.

These kayak paddles by bending branches made it to the list of best kayak paddles, because they are handmade by enthusiasts, are of a higher quality, and are extremely affordable.

Bending branches are experts in manufacturing kayak paddles since 1982, and they are a US based company that has been providing kayakers with an amazing kayaking experience.


  • Affordable
  • Best quality material is used
  • Convenient
  • Portable
  • User-friendly
  • Comfortable and smooth grip
  • Travel-friendly


  • They do not have drip rings

11. Sense X-Treme 1 Kayak Paddles

Sense X-Treme 1 Kayak PaddlesThese are the best looking kayaking paddles. These paddles are of two piece construction, which means that they can be broken down into two pieces. This makes them very attractive ass it reduces their size and they become travel-friendly. This way, they also take up less space.

These kayak paddles are made up of aluminum, which is a heavy material. The blades are made up of molded plastic. Plastic material is inexpensive and lightweight, so anyone can handle it easily.

These kayak paddles give a very smooth grip as the shaft is coated with foam rubber. At both ends, there are drip rings attached, that work as a guard. The role of the drip rings is to prevent water from reaching and keeping the hands of the rower dry.

Another important feature to note is that these paddles can float so the paddler does not have to worry about handling them as well.


  • Adjustable
  • Convenient
  • Travel friendly
  • Good for recreational paddling
  • Smooth grip, no blisters
  • Floats


  • If the quality is not up to the mark, the customer may not be able to do much about it since no refund policy is mentioned.

12. Pelican Sport Kayak Paddles

Pelican Sport Kayak PaddlesThe best lightweight paddles available in 3 cool colors, namely black, orange, and green. They are available in two different lengths of 84 and 89 inches which are ideal.

Their shaft is constructed in two pieces, so you can detach and store them very conveniently. The material used to construct these shafts is anodized aluminum shaft.

As for the blades, they are made up of polyethylene and provide maximum resistance against the strong flow of water. These shafts are very convenient and can be adjusted at an angle of 0-65, ̊ giving the paddler more control over the maneuvering.

Both the ends of the shaft have drip guards attached to them, which keeps the hands dry and give a very comfortable experience. All in all, these Best Kayak Paddle are great with additional features as compared to other kayak paddles.


  • Adjustable
  • Three locking positions
  • Convenient
  • Comfortable grip


  • No cons have been identified. However, this one does not come with any warranty or refund policy!

13. Intex Dual Purpose Kayak Paddle

Intex Dual Purpose Kayak PaddleThese are a 2 in 1 combo of kayak paddles and boat oars. If you connect the two, they make a long 92 inch kayak paddle. If you detach the two parts, it gives you two 48 inch boat oars.

The shaft is made up of a strong aluminum material shaft. For additional strength, the huge black blades are ribbed.

The shaft has drip guards at both ends to protect the hands of the kayaker from water. It keeps the hands of the kayaker to remain dry and help give a dry and smooth grip for longer journeys in water that is relatively not calm.


  • A great experience
  • 2 in 1
  • Saves cost for boat oars
  • Convenient
  • Smooth grip


  • Not adjustable
  • No paddle leash
  • No refund and return policy mentioned

14. Advanced Elements Pack Kayak Paddle

Advanced Elements Pack Kayak PaddleThe fact that these kayak paddles can be packed is why they made into the list of best kayak paddles. These kayak paddles weigh only 23.6 oz and are the lightest kayak paddles in this list. These kayak paddles have a length of 224cm and can turn into 60cm packable length.

These kayak paddles are recommended mainly because they are extremely travel friendly. You can pack them up in a bag easily and carry them around. These kayak paddles can be folded and put into the bag very easily. It makes them very portable and convenient.

These kayak paddles are very light weight so even if you put them in your travel bag, they will not add much to the weight of your baggage. Just pack them up and get ready for a new experience!


  • Adjustable
  • Can be folded
  • Extremely light weight
  • Portable
  • Very travel friendly
  • Can be packed in your bag without increasing its weight


  • Paddle leash is not provided
  • Length cannot be adjusted
  • No customer service policy mentioned

15. Pelican Boats PS1129

Pelican Boats PS1129These kayak paddles can also be used for fishing purposes. The shaft has an integrated hook system with a measuring tape to provide ease while fishing. This kayak paddle is longer than usual kayak paddles i.e. it is 98 inch longer. They are especially made for wider kayaks.

These kayak paddles have durable blades made from fiberglass polypropylene. These shafts come with a drip guards to keep hands from getting wet and provide a comfortable and smooth grip.

They make convenient kayak paddles for longer tours. Features also include an angle adjustment of 0-65˚. The paddle shaft is slightly ovalized and gives a better grip for the rower.


  • Adjustable
  • Convenient
  • Longer
  • Durable


  • No refund or return policy for unsatisfied customers

FAQs on Kayak Paddles

We have answered some FAQs to help clear any further confusions and help you choose the best kayak paddle

🛶 Q: What should I consider while deciding the length of the kayak paddle?

While choosing the perfect length, the most important factor to consider is how wide the kayak is, then comes your own height.

🛶 Q: Why are there adjustable shafts?

The shafts can often be adjusted to serve the needs of the rower and their rowing style.

🛶 Q: How are kayak paddles handled?

Hold the kayak paddles with your arms wide open. Put the paddle as far forward as you can and then pull it backwards with force, then do the same with the opposite side.

Best Kayak Paddles – Verdict

Choosing the best kayak paddles is not a piece of cake, and we totally understand that. This is why we have combined everything in this piece for you to choose the best kayak paddle for your kayaking adventures.

Remember the factors such as the width of the kayak, the height of your torso, the type of kayaking, and your paddling style before making a decision.

The kayak paddles that can be adjusted are very beneficial, as you can share them and pass them around within your circle and relatives. If you want to save up on cost, then go for the ones that provide more than one function. Moreover, the ones with adjustable shafts are the best as they can be used by many people according to the height of their torso.

You should also keep this in mind while opting for the cheaper options – they should provide durability as well as a refund option. These refund options are a very attractive offer, because in case you buy the wrong kayak paddle that is not comfortable enough, you still have the option to return it or exchange it for a more suitable one.

Even if you are someone new to kayaking, this will be a helpful piece for you to gather all the information regarding the best kayak paddles. It is advisable that if you want to go for a kayaking experience for a longer time, do not opt for a heavier paddle, as it may cause fatigue for the beginners. Please remember before any kayaking adventure to take full safety measures to ensure a safe and sound tour.

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